Andersen announces the pre-order launch of its new 22kW free-standing electric car charger, the P1


  • Fast-charging P1 powers majority of EVs to 80% charge in just three hours

  • With a customisable aesthetic, the P1 is available in three wood finishes

  • Wifi capability and Alexa integration allows voice controlled charging

Andersen, the UK leader in premium electric vehicle (EV) charging units, will introduce an Alexa integrated voice control free-standing electric car charger to the UK market, the P1.

The 22kW state-of-the-art untethered charging unit offers EV owners the best combination of elegant design and smart functionality.

The P1 combines ease, premium design and the smartest technology in Andersen’s first free-standing electric charging point.

Compatible with any Amazon home assistant product, simply link to Andersen’s dedicated EV charger app Kønnect, and you can instruct Alexa to charge the car before you hit the road

Setting up the voice control on your Andersen EV charger is simple. Users can enable their device by visiting the Amazon Alexa website (, and searching search “Andersen Kønnect”.

As soon as the device is enabled, a login box to the Andersen Konnect app will appear, requesting the user to enter login details and complete registration.

The P1 is an instant upgrade and investment to any modern home, business or leisure complex where good first impressions count. For owners wishing to invest in reliable and long term reliability, the P1 comes with a list of impressive functionality features.

The P1 is universally compatible with any EV and available in 7kW and 22kW power options.

The P1 is also built to last, delivered with a 3-year warranty. Its stainless steel panels have a life span of 20 years, and it’s internal electronics are modular allowing for easy future-proof upgrades.

The P1 can be connected to solar panels and power retaining the truly zero-carbon benefit of the EV.

The unit is Wi-Fi connected, allowing the user to control, monitor and manage your charge from a mobile or laptop via the Andersen subscription-free app, Kønnect.

The Kønnect app, available on Android and iOS, gives information on current charging status, live energy usage, charge cost and allows the user to directly manage to charge from solar panels.

Kønnect also allows remote locking and unlocking the unit, allowing other members of the household or business access to use the charger. In addition, Kønnect allows you to manage your energy across multiple charge points.

Benefitting from the government’s OLEV grant, the P1 is available for pre-order with an online deposit of £500. Pre-orders are available until 15th March.

The Andersen P1 is available from £2,300 excluding OLEV and installation.

David Simpson, Andersen’s technical director says: “EV home charging will become commonplace as we move towards the low-carbon future of electric motoring. By integrating voice control doesn’t just ensure we are in touch with today’s technology, it allows us to be a future-proof charging unit for motorists that want the balance of slick designs and smart technology.

“We know that much of our daily life is now managed via our smartphones, we believe managing your EV’s charger should be no different.

“We built Kønnect to allow voice control because we wanted our customers to have safe control over their charge point and access to useful data but also to ensure its convenient and tech-savvy.”

Notes to Editors

About Andersen

Founded in 2015, Andersen ( is a UK based maker of stylish, high-end residential electric vehicle charge points.

Entrepreneurs David Simpson, Mandy Simpson and Jérôme Faissat, established Andersen based on the growth of e-car and hybrid vehicle sales and after a fruitless search for an elegant charge-point led them to craft their own. They have transformed the unloved residential electric car charge point from its plastic casing into a stylish, lifestyle high-end product with aspirational international appeal, sustainable wood finishes with a timeless aesthetic.

The UK Government’s 2017 budget has recognised the incredible potential for electric cars by pledging to invest £400 million in electric charging points infrastructure, signifying the shift in consumer demand to electric driving.

Jérôme Faissat, Commercial Director of Andersen, said: “We identified the potential growth in the electric car market. And immediately felt that the actual charge points themselves needed to work better in the context of their surroundings. So, we started a list of what we really wanted from a home charge point and it ended up being quite simple. It had to look discreet, be safe and robust and a pleasure to use.

“Our aim is to create a landscape where home car charging is desirable by developing and designing discreet and stylish charge points that fit in with any aesthetic. Including those that are within conversation areas.

Using your charge point shouldn’t just be functional and a means to an end – it should make you feel good.”

David Simpson, Technical Director at Andersen, said: ‘E mobility is the future, and a home charge point is the one electrical item that will soon become commonplace. It’s taken us years to develop our products to do everything a charge point should do but we’re confident that it works on a completely different level terms of practicality and finish.’