Baramundi announces updated Management Suite R2 with new module for license management and improved Kiosk



baramundi announces updated Management Suite R2 with new module for license management and improved Kiosk

Structured recording and comparison of licenses and installed software as well as new web-based self-service, customisable for different user groups

Today, baramundi software AG – the security company empowering IT for businesses – announces its second release of its baramundi Management Suite (bMS) for comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). In addition to the new module for license management, the new release also includes a completely revised self-service Kiosk. In the Mobile Application Management segment, the support now implemented for Android Enterprise offers even more effective management of modern Android devices. For many detailed improvements, baramundi takes into account the specific feedback of its global customers.

baramundi License Management

bMS R2 offers a completely new module for Software Asset Management (SAM): baramundi License Management automatically detects installations in the corporate network and reconciles them with stored license information. The simple and clear reports make identifying any case of over or under coverage easier. This enables administrators and license managers to create the foundation for reliable, compliant license management within the company effortlessly. Combining this with the baramundi AUT (Application Usage Tracking) and Deploy modules results in cost-saving added value. Instead of purchasing a new license, it is possible to see how often and how recently software has been used, and surplus and/or unused installations can be removed directly.

Improved baramundi Kiosk
With version R2, a new Kiosk has been added to the baramundi Management Suite. Based on wishes and suggestions from the baramundi user forum and feedback portal, the baramundi Management Suite’s self-service Kiosk has been re-developed from scratch. The new Kiosk allows features to be offered according to user groups. Employees have access to a range of software appropriate for their area, which they can request and install directly on all terminal devices they use without the support of an administrator. Users can decide for themselves which of the approved apps are available on their company smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Further innovations
In addition to numerous product and security improvements, the baramundi Mobile Devices module now also supports Google’s Android Enterprise. Android Enterprise is Google’s powerful platform for enterprise use that enables different access and management options for administrators. Access permissions for apps can now be assigned granularly, for example to prevent apps from accessing contacts or calendar entries.

Being one of the most frequently used modules, baramundi OS-Install received numerous detail improvements including modifications to the graphical user interface, more freedom with Windows 10 Inplace Upgrades as well as new possibilities for bulk operations with operating system installations.

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About baramundi software AG

baramundi software AG opens the doors for companies to manage workstation environments efficiently, securely and independently of platforms. More than 2,500 customers – covering all scales and industries – benefit worldwide from the many years of experience and the outstanding products of the German manufacturer. These come together in the baramundi management suite as part of a holistic, forward-looking and unified endpoint management approach: client management, mobile device management, and endpoint security are all implemented via a common interface – within a single database and in line with uniform standards.

The baramundi Management Suite optimises IT management processes by automating routine work and providing a comprehensive overview of the status of all endpoints. It relieves the burden on IT administrators and ensures users have the rights and applications they need at all times, on all platforms and form factors; PCs, notebooks, mobile devices, or in virtual environments. baramundi software AG is headquartered in Augsburg. All products and services of the company, which was founded in 2000, are proudly made in Germany.