Building a software product as a non-tech founder


Technology has solved challenges and increased efficiency across a swathe of industries. Building successful tech-enabled businesses requires not only tech expertise, but also, a keen understanding of the industry. Since it is not always possible for an individual to possess both these skill sets, we are seeing numerous non-tech founders start tech-enabled companies. Below are some pointers that such founders should keep in mind.

1. First and foremost, validate the idea
Often passion to solve a perceived problem stops us from analysing the opportunity objectively. Therefore, before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, you should lay a strong foundation by sharpening your idea.

2. Don’t jump into building the product
For a tech-enabled business, a software product is not an immediate requirement. In fact, launching a tech product at very early stages might also be harmful, given that your understanding of your customer might be incomplete. Tech must, therefore, be gradually infused into the business.

3. Choose the right ecosystem
To target customers across demographics, it can be tempting to release software products across web and mobile (also in Android and iOS!). This is not only a drain on precious time and money, but can also become a tough proposition from a perspective of maintenance. Some key pointers to pick the right first product for your business can be found here.

4. Interacting with designers and developers
It might be tricky for a non-tech person to speak the language of designers and developers. Therefore, you might want to consider the choice of a software agency over a freelancer. Further, if you do choose to work with freelance designers and developers, conveying your vision with absolute clarity is critical. A feature doc and wireframes can help you streamline this process immensely.

Make tech your friend
Entrepreneurship is tough without your software product adding more challenges to it. Being aware of the choices and making conscious decisions allow you to reduce the uncertainty on the tech front!

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Very well structured and very insightful. This is a delightful read @karthik2206!


Thanks for the kind comment!