CRM errors costing UK businesses £250,000



CRM errors costing UK businesses £250,000

Sales and marketing professionals in the UK bemoan wasting time and losing deals because of poor CRM habits

London, 13th November 2018: New research has revealed that poorly managed business relationships are costing UK sales and marketing professionals in excess of £250,000, climbing to a staggering one million pounds per year for large businesses.

The research, published by Copper, the CRM recommended by Google’s G Suite Marketplace, surveyed sales and marketing professionals in the UK and unveiled that the average salesperson experiences 20 lost sales each year due to mistakes and problems associated with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, costing their organisation £10,000.

“Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs and increase margin, but they’re missing out on improvements to areas that improve relationships and maximise sales,” commented Morgan Norman, Chief Marketing Officer, Copper. “As the figures show, the cost of this lost revenue is huge, especially when you consider the total impact on the UK industry as a whole.”

The research, released by Copper as it officially launches in the United Kingdom, also uncovered that three-quarters of sales and marketing professionals waste an average of 9 hours on CRM admin and data entry each week – almost a quarter of a 40-hour working week and over 450 hours per year. However, there are signs that businesses are beginning to address this issue. The research found the top business priority for the next year is to improve team efficiency (39%), which ranked ahead of growing customer numbers.

“The time wasted by sales and marketing teams on CRM admin is frightening!” said Norman. “Not only are bad CRM practices costing the average business £250,000 each, they’re wasting time that could be better spent building stronger relationships and agreeing deals. The business landscape is now tougher than ever before, so sales people need to focus on what they’re good at, staying away from the ‘hard sell’ and working on building long-term value and relationships that will last – not to mention, ditching as much administration as possible!”


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