Crucial guidelines you need to follow in your SMS marketing campaign


SMS marketing or text message marketing is a procedure where you send out promotional information about your business and brand to people through text messages on their phones. There are strict rules in place which mandates that you need to take people’s consent before you send them text messages for advertising. If you are sending text messages without the recipient’s express consent and permission, then it will get considered as spam, and that is illegal in several countries. A lot of mobile marketers use bulk messaging to be able to send text message advertisements to a lot of people simultaneously, but some essential guidelines need to be followed. In this article, you will be learning about these crucial guidelines.

Obtaining the permission before you send your text messages

The main idea here is to obtain the consent of the recipient. There are mainly two forms of consent.

Express Permission

  • There will be an opt-in checkbox on a web or internet subscription form. This checkbox should not be checked in default, the person who completes the form should be willingly selecting the checkbox in order to indicate that they want to hear more from you.
  • In the event that someone has completed an offline form like in surveys or enters competitions, you would be able to contact them when it is explained to them that they would get contacted by email and when they have ticked a box which indicates that they can be contacted.
  • Customers who have made purchased from you in the last two years.
  • In the event that someone has given you their official business card and you have also explained to them that you would like to remain in touch, then you would be able to contact them

It has to be ensured that the recipient is clearly aware of the fact that he or she might be receiving commercial messages from you in the near future. You would not be able to send out any electronic messages in order to seek their consent. The reason for this is that this would be a commercial message too and it will be seeking to establish business relationships. Thus, you need to be keeping records of their consent as it can come handy later if you are asked to prove it.

2. Inferred permission

  • This is done by having an already established business relationship. In the event that an organization has already got a strong relationship with the recipient who might be a club member or even a service subscriber then it will mean that receiving messages has been already implied.
  • By having the conspicuous publications of any work-related mobile number.

Consent and permission might also get implied by the publishing of several numbers on the websites, and in magazines or even publications of other kinds. You will have to identify the recipient and mark them as relevant to the messages that you send out. Thus, if you want to be sending out information regarding technology products, then the recipient would have to be identified as the main information technology manager. In the event that you see a statement which says that no unsolicited commercial text messages are entertained then you cannot infer that to be consent or permission.

Creating an SMS list

You must build up a list of phone numbers for your text message marketing and this need to be done with a lot of care and also with good intention. The reason for this is that mobile phones numbers are quite personal and SMS is a very personal way of communicating. People will not want to get text messages from you which will be wasting their time and are not at all relevant to them. Thus, you need to ensure that people have opted into your SMS marketing scheme willingly and that you are only sending out to them the most relevant and also useful messages and these numbers should be staying on your text messaging list.

In general, there are three main ways by which you should be adding numbers on your text messaging list:

  1. Through the use of a website which should also have a box for SMS opt-in option
  2. By using a text message or an SMS to some dedicated response numbers and short-codes
  3. Manually by taking consent and adding the numbers.

Give incentives to people who join your lists

In order to get people to join your marketing list easily, you must find ways of giving them incentives also. Some of the methods that you can follow:

  1. Have a competition with a certain prize
  2. Have a survey after which you will be required to share the results
  3. You must offer some future sales and also vital discount information
  4. Promise to provide useful, detailed, relevant and also valuable information

Target your audience

The text messages that you send out are all personal, and hence you will need to be following certain rules:

You should personalize the messages, and add the name of the person receiving your message.

  1. You should identify yourself clearly in your message.
  2. You need to mention how they have come to get your message.
  3. When you are promoting any location, then you must be only delivering to that particular location.

Option to unsubscribe or opt out from your SMS marketing list

It is a mandatory law to provide options for opting out in the commercial text messages. This can be done via a phone call or by replying with a STOP to the sender.

You can learn more about how you should SMS marketing in order to enhance your business promotion and get more people to learn about your business products and services on the internet.


It is highly important to follow certain specific guidelines on the etiquette of using SMS for marketing and commercial purposes. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.