Do your employees have the right skills to ensure GDPR compliance?

As GDPR enforcement and sanctions ramp up, it’s time for UK businesses to stop playing a risky game with their data. The impact of last year’s legislation is set to grow in 2019 and yet, research shows that nearly two-thirds of UK organisations aren’t able to properly manage their data. The findings emphasise the importance of staff training as companies in breach of GDPR face severe penalties and reputational damage.

Data protection agencies have shown that following last year’s consultative period they will now put companies under greater pressure. The fines alone can reach up to four per cent of annual turnover or €20m, whichever is higher, meaning that UK businesses, and SMBs in particular, cannot afford to let their privacy programmes lapse.

However, GDPR compliance requires specific skills, which may not be available in-house and to plug the gap, some organisations have turned to third party providers. A more cost-effective alternative, however, is to upskill from within. For example, thousands of organisations in the UK and across Europe have already benefitted from iHASCO’s interactive eLearning delivered to over 200,000 workers to help ensure legislative compliance.

“Even though GDPR has been around for a year, it still has an aura of an extremely daunting challenge,” says James Kelly, GDPR specialist at iHASCO. “GDPR shouldn’t be feared though. It is a sensible piece of legislation which brings data protection laws into the 21st century. Companies who comply will not only avoid data breaches, but also earn trust from stakeholders and customers and potentially be in a better position to attract more business.”

Workers who have completed iHASCO’s GDPR training courses confirm that these have helped them better understand the complex issue. With clear explanations, jargon-busting and use of diagrams and videos, the interactive learning experience makes what could be a dull subject easy to study.