Does the Nikon 58mm f0.95 S Noct Really Justify a $7999.95 Price Tag?

Today, the Nikon 58mm f0.95 S Noct Lens is finally fully announced with detailed specs and all. Perhaps most shocking is the fact that the lens will command a nearly $8,000 price tag. That means that this is a lens that commands a higher price point than some medium format mirrorless cameras. Granted, this is a unique lens. Earlier on, we got to play with it. Besides the lens being pretty much as large as my forearm, it's a manual focus optic. While I certainly understand the value of manual focus lenses, I don't really condone them being so rotundas. I mean, it's massive. The Nikon 58mm f0.95 S Noct should quite honestly be badged as a cinema lens and not a lens designed for stills shooting. I'd expect something like this from Zeiss. But with the Nikon Z series system still being so young, it doesn't make sense for a lens like this to be launched now. But at the same time, I'm torn to say that Nikon needs it.

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