Edge Testing Solutions to shake up testing industry with Academy as a Service launch



Low risk, cost-effective alternative to relying on contractors; fast-track job opportunities within digital sector

One of the UK’s fastest growing and largest independent software testing companies, Edge Testing Solutions, part of Eurofins Digital Testing, is planning to shake up the testing industry by enabling clients to build in-house testing teams at low risk and cost with its new Academy as a Service offer.

Many clients have already benefitted from a fully-operational, flexible team that includes Edge Testing Academy participants. A well-known global healthcare provider said: “I would not hesitate using this service again. It has been very successful for us and helped us greatly when we were in a situation where we quickly needed more test resources to complete a major project.”

Nadia McKay, Testing Services Director, Edge Testing, explained: “It is well publicised that there is a skills shortage in digital and information technology roles, which make up one in five of all job vacancies. Within the next 20 years, 90 per cent of jobs will require an element of digital skills, including testing. This is why we established the Edge Academy to bring new talent into the testing community. Now, through our Academy as a Service offer, we both train our employees and place them on client projects, giving them an exciting and varied opportunity, while helping to fill the skills shortage.”

Edge Testing’s Academy as a Service offer addresses the business risks associated with not having the right in-house testing skills and provides an alternative to contract recruitment. The process is simple - a client decides on the number of testers required and they are trained at the Edge Academy. If a client requires six or more testers, Edge Testing will run a dedicated client programme.

Although many employers look for software tester candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, maths or engineering, recruits that have passed through the Edge Academy have also included graduates from non-IT sectors, as well as school leavers and career changers. They started with an intensive six-week boot camp blending classroom-based software testing training with practical experience. Participants also spend 12 months on a client site before graduation, compared to the two-year schemes offered by competitors.

While working on client site, Edge Academy participants are supported by an individually tailored mentoring programme to develop them to the highest practical standard in the shortest possible time. Additional courses can be targeted and blended, with functional and technical subject levels dependent on client requirements. Training is often based at one of Edge Testing’s offices.

Sharon Hamilton, Managing Director, Edge Testing, commented: “Our Academy as a Service offer benefits both employees as a fast-track development program, and enables our clients to develop their own ‘super-charged’ testing resources without the burden of recruitment. The new service complements the low-cost, on-demand test service offered via our Digital Test Hubs Once a team is in place, clients can easily scale the team up or down as needed, enabling cost reduction while our Test Analysts ensure the project is completed quickly but efficiently.”

Edge Academy also offers those looking for a career in testing a fast-track opportunity for qualification and Edge Testing saw the 100th graduate successfully pass through its Edge Academy in May 2018. This software testing education programme is just a part of Edge Testing’s continued growth, with a team of over 250 people. Now in its 11th year of trading, Edge Testing has seen growth year-on-year and boasts some of the UK’s premier testing thought leaders and experts in the industry.

For more information, visit: http://www.edgetesting.co.uk/services/edge-academy