Employee advocacy platform Sociuu kicks off European expansion

Opening of Amsterdam office signals new phase in the social media company’s growth.

Sociuu, the one-click employee advocacy platform, has opened a dedicated office for the Benelux region.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Business district, the new location will provide regional sales and consultancy for the company’s growing list of multinational customers, including Canon, Nouryon (Akzo Nobel) and Ara Creative Agencies.

As European companies compete for top talent, Sociuu’s platform helps them turn employees into credible brand ambassadors

Sociuu is designed to help HR executives power employer branding & talent attraction by transforming staff into advocates for the employer brand. The platform makes it easy to quickly mobilise large numbers of employees and incentivise them to share vacancies and company content to their personal networks.

Peer recommendation speeds up talent acquisition

Involving current employees in social media recruitment speeds up talent acquisition while lowering HR costs. Peer recommendation is a powerful way to add credibility to employer branding, and research shows it has a positive impact on talent retention as well. The more active employees become in sharing company content, the more positive they feel about their jobs.

According to UnderCoverRecruiter, 72% of HR leaders globally believe that employer branding has a substantial impact on business success.

HR and communications teams can use Sociuu to create libraries of pre-approved social posts and send them to employee work email addresses. Clicking on the link will share the post automatically to the employee’s social account(s), while the system captures and measures engagement – e.g. who is sharing what, click through rates, and which messages and content are most and least popular. This allows HR departments to provide extra incentives for employees with high social engagement, further increasing their involvement.

Sociuu’s European Expansion is Underway

The Amsterdam office will be led by co-directors Tijs Hemmes and Ingmar Vleugels, who will extend Sociuu’s regional footprint and strengthen its portfolio of partners and customer success stories.

“Employee advocacy is increasingly being adopted to solve the growing challenges of attracting and retaining talent,” said Tijs Hemmes. “Candidates are 40% more likely to apply for a role when they know a current employee. And since people are much more trusted than company profiles, deploying employee advocacy is a powerful way to attract new talent.”

“As European companies compete for top talent, Sociuu’s platform helps them turn employees into credible brand ambassadors,” added Ingmar Vleugels. “The simplicity and intuitive nature of the software and our sensible price structure is very competitive. Further, Sociuu has proven to be the employee advocacy platform with the highest employee engagement rate at +23%. This falls in line with Sociuu`s focus on the most important feature of employee advocacy; The employees!”

Better support for Benelux customers

Founded in Copenhagen in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs and martech veterans Michael Soerensen & Per John Jensen, the company has grown rapidly from its Scandinavian base with customer traction making Benelux the logical next market for expansion.

“I was one of the first people in Denmark to join LinkedIn. But when I looked at my colleagues they weren’t active on social – and that surprised me,” said Michael Soerensen. “What was missing that would encourage them to share more and become more active? In Sociuu we think we’ve found the answer.

“The mainstream tools that existed then and now are expensive, have low ROI, and aren’t easy to use. Sociuu overcomes all of that by enabling HR directors to enlist their own employees in the battle for talent with just a few clicks.

“With the opening of our Amsterdam office we are ready to better support our Benelux customers and set the stage for further European expansion.”

Snapshot: Employee advocacy software and talent acquisition:

  • According to UndercoverRecruiter, 72% of recruiting leaders around the world believe that employer brand has a substantial impact on business success.

  • A LinkedInSurvey says positive associations with a company’s employer brand are twice as likely to drive job consideration as positive associations with the company’s corporate brand .

  • According to a study by BetterTeam.com, 62% of candidates research companies on social media before hiring.