‘End of the Universe’ Review – To the Ends of the Universe, and Beyond

I, like many other rogue-like fans, am thrilled by the number of excellent entries to the world of mobile gaming over the past year. Immortal Rogue, released fairly early in the year, was one of my personal favorites. It felt great to play, nailed the dark and brooding theme, and I’m a fan of vampires anyway. It was a natural fit, and put Kyle Barrett on my radar. This year, he’s back from battlefields of old and future, to invite us on a journey that, while definitely less grim, brooding, and 100% vampire free, is no less lonely, isolated, and vaguely horrifying. Accept, and join us as we embark on a journey across the stars and through asteroid belts, amidst the ravening denizens of a hive world and through the wreckage of ancient battlefields, to the End of the Universe ($3.99).

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