FCC grants AWS-4 spectrum access to AT&T in Puerto Rico

The FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau granted Special Temporary Authority to AT&T to use AWS-4 spectrum, currently licensed to DISH, for 60 days to expand its network capacity in Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands during the coronavirus pandemic.
“Staying connected while staying apart is the reality right now across America during this pandemic, and that is no less true for those living in Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. “We have put a special emphasis on helping those on the islands stay connected following the terrible storms that hit them in recent years. And we continue that work today in a new kind of emergency. I thank DISH for consenting to this use of its spectrum and to the U.S. Department of Justice for its cooperation. I’m grateful to AT&T for requesting this STA and I’m pleased we can grant it.”

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