Fidelis Cybersecurity delivers major innovations to provide full visibility of the cyber terrain to detect, hunt and respond to advanced threats



Fidelis Cybersecurity delivers major innovations to provide full visibility of the cyber terrain to detect, hunt and respond to advanced threats

Fidelis Cybersecurity, a leading provider of threat detection, threat hunting, and response solutions, today announced the latest release of the platform. This unified platform addresses the challenges that security professionals face when hunting for threats via traditional methods such as logs, events, and alerts. Organisations can now collect network and endpoint metadata of content and context to provide real-time and retrospective analysis for detection, threat hunting, and response across complex on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments with speed, accuracy, and clarity.

This new release includes major innovations across the offerings. When used together as a platform, users gain unmatched insight into their organisation’s cyber terrain, including identification of the vulnerable attack surface. Fidelis fully integrates, automates, and orchestrates robust capabilities for asset discovery and classification, network data loss prevention, network threat detection and response, endpoint detection and response, forensics, and deception.

“When speaking with CISOs across the globe, they mention several interlinked challenges - improving visibility of what’s really going on in their hybrid environments, getting a handle on the never-ending flood of false positives, and reducing the number of security tools in their stack that still leave blind spots for their teams to deal with,” said Nick Lantuh, president and CEO, Fidelis Cybersecurity. “Collecting logs, events, and alerts actually slows their ability to detect, hunt, and respond properly. Instead, organisations need rich, indexable metadata that provides the necessary content and context for deep visibility, an understanding of their cyber terrain, and the ability to rapidly and accurately respond. Ultimately if you don’t know your terrain, then you don’t know what to defend…and if you don’t know what to defend, then there is no way for you to ensure a robust defense.”

The Fidelis Elevate platform now offers the ability to continuously discover, classify, and assess assets, including laptops, desktops, servers, enterprise IoT, shadow IT, and legacy systems. Fidelis Endpoint discovers all software installed on these assets, while continually running vulnerability assessments and alerting on any installed vulnerability. Fidelis Network maps all communications surrounding each device to visualise potential attack paths between assets. These newly integrated capabilities combined with rich meta data provide security professionals with the visibility and context needed to take action in reducing the attack surface and effectively protect vulnerable assets.

The release also cements Fidelis as a leader in the emerging deception technology space, offering the widest range of decoys available, as well as becoming the first vendor to offer a network security platform that integrates a fully functional deception product. Fidelis decoys offer customers more features and management than any other vendor. With this expansion, the company now provides a full range of deception layers, including solutions for organisations that desire a safe and smart deception alarm system, as well as researchers who desire to learn TTPs and analyse code for attribution and mitigation from real OS VM decoys.