Four short links: 17 June 2019

Multiverse Databases, Detecting Photoshopping, Simulation Platform, and Tail-Call Optimization: The Musical

  1. Towards Multiverse Databases (Morning Paper) -- The central idea behind multiverse databases is to push the data access and privacy rules into the database itself. The database takes on responsibility for authorization and transformation, and the application retains responsibility only for authentication and correct delegation of the authenticated principal on a database call. Such a design rules out an entire class of application errors, protecting private data from accidentally leaking.
  2. Detecting Photoshopped Fakes (Verge) -- Adobe worked with Berkeley researchers to develop software that can spot Photoshopping in an image. (via BoingBoing).
  3. Open Sourcing AI Habitat (Facebook) -- a new simulation platform created by Facebook AI that’s designed to train embodied agents (such as virtual robots) in photo-realistic 3D environments. [...] To illustrate the benefits of this new platform, we’re also sharing Replica, a data set of hyperrealistic 3D reconstructions of a staged apartment, retail store, and other indoor spaces.
  4. Tail-Call Optimization: The Musical (YouTube) -- you're welcome.

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