Go Digital In 2019: How Technology Can Save Tradespeople Time


Everyone has their preferred way of working. Whether it’s how we were taught, how we’ve learned or simply a time-tested, trusted set of processes that work, we all have our own routines.

Tech can often feel like a threat to these established traits. However, you already use a mobile phone for your business, don’t you - and maybe Google Maps, too? In reality, although tech is certainly pervasive, it also takes its time, rather than takes over. Here are a few more ways that you can let it into your business this year.

It takes care of the paperwork

It cuts down on the actual paper involved, too. At all times of the year, invoicing, accounting and banking take up a whole chunk of time. Perhaps you’ve even been affected by the more than 750 branch closures in the UK over the last year, too? Going completely digital with this aspect of your business will save you an enormous amount of time, both during tax periods and all year round.

There are numerous ways that getting paid in cash can be problematic, but also a variety of time-saving digital resources to turn to as alternatives. Imagine how much time you would save if all of this extra work could be handled with a single application.

Take your business anywhere

Along with your financial paperwork, what about a ready-to-show portfolio to take with you at all times? You can keep examples of your work and any references and testimonials, as well as source your public liability insurance on a smartphone or tablet.

In fact, with several insurance policies now, you can also benefit from access to online legal services and be able to act quickly in the event of any legal problems that you encounter.

When managing your business online, you can quickly get into the habit of regularly updating archives of your work and even publishing your progress online. If you do this as you go, you won’t need to worry about it in your free time.

It’s getting better all the time

Technology isn’t likely to ever replicate the instinct and meticulous skills you’ve honed over the years, but it keeps improving relentlessly in other areas. As more tradespeople become accustomed to the technology, more practical ideas are applied to tech development.

Take this handy list of five apps regularly used by tradespeople. It includes apps that can help you to find work, organize your schedule, pay yourself and your employees, and even turn your smartphone into a handy tool.

This process is set to continue, too. Digital technologies allow developers to see how you are using their technology, and they will update it according to your data and feedback.

Who knows – you may even come up with an idea for an app all on your own, too. As you work, take note of any processes that you think could be made that little bit easier with a touch of tech intervention, and have a serious think about patenting your idea.