Golem: Building On Top of Golem with gWasm & Unlimited by Mikolaj Barwicki, Jakub Konka (Devcon5)

Are you ready for a thrill of doing something new and exciting? Would you like to play with WebAssembly on the Golem Network?

During this workshop, we will demonstrate a set up of a Golem Unlimited cluster - including machines brought by the audience. We will showcase how to distribute the execution of existing apps within the existing or ad-hoc infrastructure.

You will have an opportunity to run up to 3 apps with source-code available, to conform to a simplistic API and cross-compile to Wasm target from Rust.

Attending the workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to tackle our treasure hunt challenge. Stay alert!

To fully experience hands-on experience in the workshop, please install the docker on your machine and do docker pull golemfactory/gwasm-tutorial beforehand.

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