How business owners can find the perfect space for their growing company


When a company takes on more staff and begins to grow, business owners can find it difficult to decide what steps to take next. One of the main concerns for owners is finding a space that can comfortably fit all of the new employees. Finding a new office space comes with it’s own set of challenges as you need to decide what your business needs. Do you need more space for your employees to relax, or are you in need of better kitchen facilities to accommodate your extra staff?

Sharing office space

Buildings that host more than one company are both practical and good for your employees. A shared setting such as this allows employees to make the most of the communal areas whilst still providing them with the privacy of their own office space to work in. The key advantage of choosing such a space lies in the fact that business owners won’t need to provide meeting rooms or other spaces as these are already included. With shared meeting rooms, businesses can book them when needed – and they’re fully staffed and equipped with the latest technology to impress your colleagues and clients.

There is also the question of security to consider, especially if your business deals with sensitive documents or information. At Quorum Business Park Newcastle for example, the recently launched Neon suites have been filling up with growing businesses, attracted by the shared facilities and flexible lease terms.

Considering office facilities

Whether you have five or five hundred employees, your workers will have different needs and requirements. You should consider which facilities will benefit your employees best. Breakout and relaxation areas provide workers the opportunity to take a break from their busy day and recollect their thoughts. Open plan offices ensure open and easy communication and communal kitchens are (arguably) where some of the best thinking happens.

Business owners also benefit from giving their employees more room to be creative. From slides and sheds, to coffee and inspirational books, businesses are embracing different ways of getting the most from their staff.

Forward planning

Moving in to a new office doesn’t have to be stressful – with enough forward planning, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. While a building with multiple businesses might be the right move now, what about the office after that? This is especially important for businesses experiencing rapid growth. By future-proofing your office location, you can avoid wasting time and money on long distance relocations. When selecting your next office space, have a look at the opportunities for expansion. Ask about past business who have done exactly that.

Before you commit to anything, you should thoroughly understand the needs of your business and those of your staff. This type of office space may be the solution to what you need, even if it’s just the next step in your journey.