How Instagram Is Changing Social Media


Instagram has observed a lot of change within the past two years. Apart from adding Instagram stories, Instagram has also added vertical videos with IGTV and has also been responsible for adding numerous business functionalities. They have also surpassed the mark of 1 billion users in June 2018, and currently, Instagram is the third largest network, after YouTube and Facebook. It is obvious that this development of Instagram is because of the ownership of Facebook, which has been responsible for changing this independent app into a completely funded and revenue generating asset.

It is unique and amazing as to how Instagram has completely changed the manner in which social media is working. Within 9 years, it has been responsible for bringing about numerous innovations, which have changed the working of the different social media platforms along with the behavior of the users. Given below is a list of the ways in which Instagram has completely changed the game of social media.

Brand personalities as well as personal branding

Earlier, people used to have personalities and companies were responsible for having brands. However, personal branding has been extremely successful on Instagram, and this scenario has completely changed. Users are interacting with the brands in a similar manner as they interact with a particular person, which means that every brand should have their own personality.

This is obvious on Instagram because brands are capable of displaying the visual representation of exactly who they are and what they are doing. You can make use of clever captions as well as content, which can become viral. It is important that the brands do a lot more than only engaging with the customers on social media sites.

Short attention span and bite-size content

When Facebook had launched the news feed in the year 2016, it was considered to be one of the strangest novelties. You had the option of viewing life updates from each and every person that you knew, in a single place. This was extremely engaging at first and also, was responsible for entertaining Facebook users. However, with time, people were responsible for adding more posts, and it started becoming overwhelming. In addition, the ability of focusing started to become extremely difficult.

Instagram was right at the front when it came to adopting the trend of bite-size content. The filtered photos were responsible for making the perfect eye candy and did not make any huge commitment. This kind of posting is responsible for dominating the other social media platforms currently. People on social networking sites have to view numerous things, but if you are providing people with numerous things to read, the engagement is going to drop. It is true that there are certain people who are going to comment and like on every post, but a huge majority is going to ignore things, that take time to read.

Visual content is dominant

Photo filtering has completely changed the game of uploading amazing photos. It is true that words are extremely important for search engine optimization but the level of engagement of the videos and photos cannot be ignored at any cost. Instagram has also incorporated the short form videos as well as Instagram Stories, and the greed for visual content has grown more than before.

If you want your brand to be ahead in this competitive market, it is your responsibility to keep incorporating visual imagery. Video posts are extremely engaging and hence, if the business has the budget and time to create videos, it is important to consider them. You can also visit for getting more likes from real people on your posts.

A place for connecting and discovering

A surprising aspect of this visual platform is that numerous people are using it for meeting new people from different parts of the world. Through hashtags and common interests, it is easier to discover the like-minded people as well as brands that you can follow. These connections are going to start randomly and they will be responsible for blossoming into sales and connections.

This is a completely different focus in comparison to Facebook, which is mainly built around the social structures of the real world. This is responsible for creating a completely different attitude on the visual platform Instagram, and this is why the accounts of the celebrities and influencers are increasing. You also need to know that if the Instagram profile is being run in a proper manner, it can perform in a better manner in comparison to a website when it comes to audience engagement.

A mix of both commercial as well as personal

Most of social media is a mixture of both personal connections as well as businesses. The manner in which Instagram has been responsible for implementing advertising has not spoiled the brands. People have high engagement with the promoted posts in comparison to Twitter and Facebook.

This is something that has made the visual platform extremely engaging and useful for those advertisers, who are looking forward to getting a new audience. 80% of the Instagrammers are responsible for following at least a single business along with the celebrity and personal profiles, as stated by

What is the future holding for Instagram?

It is already clear that Instagram is responsible for the huge impact that it has created within only 9 years. A number of brands trust Instagram and this is not going to change anytime soon. However, since the founders of Instagram have moved on, the brands are worried if Instagram is going to lose the cool image that it has. Instagram has been successful in creating a great image in the minds of the brands and there is no denying the fact that it is reigning supreme right now. Marketers are also hoping that the image that Instagram has created stays for long.


It is crucial that each and every brand considers changing the manner in which customers engage with the brand. Engagement is not only about driving sales anymore but it is a lot more than that. Ensure that you have an Instagram account so that you can remain ahead of your competitors and take the social media game to another level.