How Kraft Boxes Can Help the Brands to Increase Their Profit and Revenue?


Kraft Boxes are quickly taking the markets by storm for being the most affordable, user-friendly packaging boxes that come with the added green benefit that can generate greater profits and revenue for a business. There are countless packaging boxes a brand can opt for, but Kraft packaging boxes are that one item that gives a business greater flexibility and easy packaging solutions that they would have to spend twice as much with other packaging materials.

Keep in mind that Kraft Boxes are made out of recycled material; it goes in-sync with the green slogan that the consumer today is more interested in. This does not just fetch a competitive advantage to a brand but also helps them sustain the increased revenue and profits for a longer period. This is because the costs saved today will pay off later.

Costs Are Minimized

Kraft boxes are made out of biodegradable material that is far cheaper than the regular paper allowing the business some slack on the packaging costs of things. With lower costs comes the added advantage of keeping the price a little lower than the brand competing in the same market. Consumers are bound to get attracted by the lower prices of a product that has the same quality that of the next one.

Lower prices attract consumers far better than anything. The use of Kraft Boxes will give the company a certain benefit over other brands that would be incurring hefty costs on packaging and would have to cover that up with greater price tags. This is bound to make the customer turn away and search for a cheaper option. This is why Kraft Boxing should be preferred over the conventional packaging solutions.

Whatever cuts the costs is bound to raise benefits. In house costs such as packaging are far easier to control and manipulate than other external ones. Take for example the raw material that goes into leather goods. The business is at the mercy of the supplier when it comes to purchasing costs. The leather provider will have the upper hand over the pricing, and the buying company can only negotiate so much so where the brand can’t do much about lowering costs, it can make up for it elsewhere, and that’s the packaging department. A brand can keep the costs low with opting for Kraft boxes, which will contribute to decreased costs.

It is Your Blank Canvas:

There is nothing like having a blank canvas to explore your horizons to the tee. A Kraft box is the most basic form of packaging you can get, and that is what makes it all the better. The brand can get as creative with it as they can. It gives you the perfect shape to print logos upon and even ample space to print out slogans. There is something about plain brown boxes; any color you use on it will make the color pop out more.

Hence the logo and the brand name will stand out anyhow. Apart from spicing your box up with colors, you can even get a little more creative and go 3 dimensional with adding bows and ribbons to the box when it’s something to do with clothing or cosmetics. Brands can even have those fun giveaways arranged in a box like that. Kraft boxes are perfect for being presented as gift boxes as well. The size of the boxes are bound to entice consumers into buying from you, and that will boost sales.

The Green Benefit

Kraft boxes are made exclusively out of cheaper but better biodegradable material that helps with preserving the environment in the long run. This particular environmentally friendly approach is a consumer favorite since it assures that the brand acts responsibly towards the earth’s environment and is making an effort towards preserving the earth for the ones who will be living in it tomorrow. The going-green factor is preferred a lot more by consumers all across the globe.

It no longer makes any sense to see brands selling products in plastic and harmful substances that pollute the air in the making and end up being garbage lying all across the landscapes. The consumer is more aware of how harmful, wasteful plastic packaging can be. They are well educated on the harmful effects of greenhouse gases and how they are wreaking havoc on the world’s climate. Everyone is making an effort on a personal level to combat climate change and masses has boycotted plenty of industrial giants in the name of rescuing the earth’s climate.

The movement is gaining momentum, and international bodies are governing this phenomenon, so a company is better off being on the green side rather than risking itself being shut down. Integrating Kraft boxes in the packaging aspect of things, a company can easily transform its image of being a future-focused organization that belongs in the modern world.

The Resilience:

Kraft boxes are made out of superior grade corrugated paper that layer up to form the best sort of resilience packaging can have. The material it’s made out of gives it durability as such, it can withstand all sorts of loading and unloading and wear & tear a product undergoes in the shipping and delivery process. Kraft boxes are known to withstand tampering and have the goodness inside protected from all sorts of damage.

With other regular boxes that cost more and are not ISO certified like Kraft end up having the product damaged inside before it even reaches the consumer. This is a problem fairly common with overseas orders. The product always suffers damage when it is sent down in the regular cardboard boxes. Kraft is made in such a way; it has outstanding durability times and times more than the conventional ones. When a brand knows it has the best product packaging out there, it can sit back and relax once the order is dispatched.

A company can breathe a sigh of relief right when a customer places their order. Consider the product sold for sure with Kraft since the durability of the box will not let the product get damaged in any way. This will save out a lot on the returns costs, which are always a nuisance. There have been numerous times when a brand is left with no choice but to accept it has returned damaged products back since the losses suffered in transit are always endured by the business itself, not the customer. Kraft boxes are like the foolproof way of ensuring your product does not suffer damage during the delivery process.