How Marvel Avengers End Game Broke The Internet


Like many of you out there, we have a few Avengers fan fanatics in our firm as well. Having worked with a few animation and design clients over the years I have been quite intrigued with the film production industry, the effort and manpower it consumes and the time it takes to be produced only to be watched over a few hours. Months of effort watched and criticized about within a matter of minutes.

Lately, I have been following Avengers End Game and being an accountant, I was interested in how the numbers would look for its pre-sales tickets, Afterall it has been the most awaited film since part one was released. It was reported that as soon as the tickets became available, within a matter of 6 hours fandangos records for first-day ticket sales were broken leaving behind Star Wars: The force awakens. The demand has been so huge that movie theatres are struggling to cope with error messages, machine slowdowns and simply their sites not loading. In short Marvel Avengers broke the Internet for those 6 hours.

The Film Industry is an interesting one, it was once an industry with huge barriers to entry, requiring access to high net worth Investors, large amounts of capital or high-end connections to be able to take foot in the industry. However, with the advent of YouTube, Instagram and other social media tools it has become far easier to start something small and build upon it, as an example Lilly Singh a famous YouTuber recently entered the world of media using YouTube as a foothold; she was recently selected to replace Carson Daly in Late night talk show at NBC.

With new stars rising to fame through various media channels, within the same ecosystem there are also new startups for Design, PR, Production, Editing etc. rising up as well, these companies are working alongside these celebrities with far lesser spotlight but similar returns as far as success is concerned.

Disruption in this industry has opened up opportunities for individuals who do not have access to huge amounts of capital or big industry connections but have one thing necessary for success, talent. Starting up with the right foundation, building on this foundation and making the right decisions can ignite your success quicker than your competitors.

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