How Packaging Boxes Can Change The Consumer’s Buying Behavior



Product packaging is an important aspect to communicate the brands’ message visually. Packaging boxes play an important role in making decisions during purchasing products. Consumer behavior is the purchasing decision of customers and what they think about your products and how they choose these products. Packaging has many features like label, design, color selection, which attract the attention of customers. Consumer behavior is to understand customers expectations and how to meet them. Creativity and sensible use of colors can change the consumers’ behavior and attract more customers. Similarly, Innovation, secure packaging, and technology are also some important tools in attracting more customers.

Packaging Effects On Marketing

Some business changes their packaging to increase sales while others change the packaging to reduce cost when changing packaging can affect your sales and costs so you have to be careful about that. Your product has to compete with hundreds of other products displaying on the same shelf so you have to make your packaging look attractive and it should gain more attention than other competing products. The graphics on your packaging boxes can evoke feelings in consumers based on the size and color and discount messages. The size of the box should be according to the shelf space, a good retailer calculates the square inches a product takes on shelves and revenue made according to these square inches.


When you use a material for packaging which is eco-friendly and not harmful for our environment then it will get more attention from customers. Those materials which can easily be recycled have more buying capacity. You can also use this strategy for advertising it will help you to build customer strength. Consumers who are environmentally conscious will spend more to buy your product willingly. Review your customers if going green will increase your sales or not and make your strategy according to that.

Customized Packaging

There is no doubt that customized packaging attracts more customers. In past years, many customers have been demanding for customized products and it is one of the most attractive things to share with their family and friends. Besides, Social media also help them in this regard. The demand for custom packaging boxes has been increased surprisingly. Customized packaging made the customers feel as the product is only built for them and they feel special after buying that specific product. For example, “share a coke” campaign by Coca-Cola company is the example of such marketing technique in which the brand used popular first names and put them on bottles and cans and instead of “coke” you see your name on it. So, this will help to make more customers buy coke bottles.

Unique Packaging

Packaging will be unique and attract more customers if it will have a powerful logo, alluring color scheme, and distinctive typography. About 50% of customers will return to buy that product in which they get premium packaging. We can use the idea of uniqueness in gift packaging boxes also. A Gift is something anyone gives each other on occasions. Hence, we can use personalized messages, photos, and wrapping techniques to make our gift unique and it will make the receiver feel exceptional and build our consumer strength in the future.

Protection And Convenience

The packaging should be easy to handle and carry. Convenience features like the easy opening, portability, and one hand use continue to grow in food industries. Microwave cooking of frozen food has also become popular and handy. Similarly, use of compartments to avoid mixing of different food items is also in trend. There are many functions of packaging like:

  • Promotion
  • Utility of use
  • Information
  • Containment
  • Protection

If we talk about protection, then the packaging should protect the product from dirt, dampness, breakage and any harm from the external environment. Like, most products are wrapped in bubble wrap to protect from any damage. Therefore, all the functions of the packaging should be kept in mind for successful sales. It shows us the importance of packaging in the modern world.

Categories Of Consumers

The relationship between customer and seller is called market exchange. During this process, each party wants to satisfy their respective needs and wants. Buyers are the most important part of the successful market exchange. We should understand their needs and wants, without understanding their behavior it is impossible to fulfill the demands of potential buyers. There are two main categories of consumers based on their buying behavior:

  • Economic man
  • Thinker or problem solver

The economic man acts selfishly and tries to maximize their own benefits from the exchange, they use all the available options before making a decision while thinker or problem solver takes under consideration all internal and external factors before making any decision. We should understand the psychology or mindset of both categories before introducing any product.

Importance Of Packaging

Lastly, we will summarize why packaging is so important for business development and consumers behavior. There are thousands of brands launching their products daily, packaging should differentiate your products from others and make its own position in the market to attract customer’s attention. Your brain reacts differently to different colors, so choose your packaging colors wisely. Packaging is an important tool to change customers behavior so we must use it carefully. Packaging boxes should have astonishing graphics and they should be visually beautiful and convenient in use.