How Small Businesses Can Connect with Customers

Your clients drive your company, which explains why it’s essential to notice in what ways they interact with you. Do not just exclusively reach out to them in times when you need their business; find strategies to always show them you care.


Jessica Alba, founder and CEO of The Honest Company, considers how brands can find out a great deal by staying connected and listening to their own clients.

“I think it’s essential for brands, particularly brands [which ] are really consumer-centric, to remain connected,” Alba said in the American Express OPEN Success Manufacturers Summit. “Clients tell you so far in their behaviour and the way they store .”

Here are powerful strategies to contact your clients and build lasting relationships that can keep them faithful to your group.

Do not use a one-size-fits-all strategy.

You need your clients to feel unique, and you’re able to attain that by approaching each person as an individual instead of just another client. Grouping all of your customers together will just express inauthenticity.

“Within our messaging, we’ll take care of a significant user of our program differently compared to a mild user,” explained Jon Ziglar, CEO of ParkMobile. “We handle a brand new user otherwise compared to the veteran user. We attempt to create the messages as important as possible to this particular individual.”

Being involved in your client’s lives is also another great way to show them that you care. Whether it’s about congratulating them on their children’s graduation, buying gifts for them, or interacting with them on social media, people like to be treated like people before being treated like customers.

Respond to concerns.

Don’t only be available when business is doing well or clients are happy. If you want your customers to trust and respect you, you need to earn it by proving your commitment to making them happy.

By way of instance, a poor review was received by ParkMobile from a man who complained that the mobile application was annoying and ruined his date. Instead of dismissing the comment or making excuses, Ziglar said, they contacted the reviewer himself to express their apologies and provided a gift card to where he’d been that day.

“He loved the gesture and we turned a ‘hater’ into a massive ParkMobile advocate,” said Ziglar. “He let us attribute his narrative in a social media effort. Sometimes, you need to go above and beyond to build raving fans of your small business.”

Focus on interpersonal interactions.

It’s common to experience miscommunications when using technology as a chief source of contact. While emails and telephone calls are convenient, nothing beats face-to-face contact.

Shivaraju makes it a point to drop in on customers to introduce himself in order to establish a professional and personal relationship with them.

It is easier to find out about a client by talking to them in person. However, some people feel more comfortable speaking to you from an area. Shivaraju advised requesting your clients what their preferred way of communication is and adhering to that.

Demonstrate appreciation.

As you would with supportive family and friends, ensure your customers know you recognize their importance.

Shivaraju reveals his appreciation to two important groups of individuals:“Step one is for my customers. They pay me money, therefore it is my obligation to produce the best possible ad I can for their organization and get them high-quality new leads. The second is to the customers of my product. I want to have my envelopes filled with quality hyperlocal content, full of businesses that me and my family are comfortable doing business so they get opened and used.”

Shivaraju mails out envelopes to his or her consumers, thanking them for buying local products and services. In addition, he suggested sending holiday discounts and cards to demonstrate gratitude.

In summary, small businesses have a lot to gain by connecting with their customers. Through showing thanks, providing quality and personal interaction, and staying involved, your business can build a loyal following and a strong customer base.