How Summer Schools Future Proof Our Teens



There is no getting away from the fact that computers play a huge role in our lives already, and with various developments in artificial intelligence over the last few years there is an increasing need to have a knowledge of coding. As Tom Whale from Oxford Summer School explains: ‘Over the coming years university leavers that have a knowledge of coding, as well as their primary degree, are going to have an advantage in the job market.’

Not Enough Time

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your main subjects in favour of coding, there will still be a need for skills in all subject areas but with the advancements in AI and Augmented Reality coding is rapidly becoming as important as the ability to read and write. That said with so many fantastic choices on the GCSE curriculum and then a need to narrow the field for A Levels ready for University applications there are still going to be lots of students who do not have time to include programming on their curriculum. This is where summer schools can come into their own and offer something extra that cannot be crammed into the already busy term time education.

Summer School Coding

While some people are not thrilled with the idea of going back to school during the holidays, the fact is this is an excellent opportunity to learn coding in a new environment which is itself offers an arena for growth and personal development. Most summer schools only last a couple of weeks at most, so it is a sacrifice worth making to ensure your job prospects are high. Coding involves learning and practising one of the most common languages with Python being a good example and the summer schools are designed to give you a basic grounding and hopefully inspire students to continue in their spare time. At Universities, you are likely to find clubs and groups that help you to continue to develop your skills. Summer schools are also a great way to learn a bit more about university life and experience what life in halls is like for a couple of weeks, while you meet new people and learn a bit about living away from home.

AI Everywhere

Whether you are aware of its presence or not, AI has filtered into pretty much every industry you could imagine. From medicine to production lines, cars to the internet, there are AI supported applications and processes happening around us all the time. While there is an air of fear that these ‘robots’ will replace us in the job market, the fact remains that the developers behind them are all highly skilled coders. However, we interest in every industry it makes sense that to develop coders will also need knowledge of their field - coding doctors are going to be best placed to make the valuable breakthroughs in medication and disease control that we are so desperately hoping for.