How to Create the Ideal Break Space for your Workforce

Your employees are the life blood of your business. They work hard to make sure that all transactions with your customers run smoothly. The least that you can do is to provide a break space that can help them wind down once they are taking the occasional rest or are having their lunch. That way you can ensure that they will be at their most productive when they are focusing on their busy schedules. Here are some tips you should consider when you design your own business’ break space.

Keep it Personal

One of the main things you need to remember whilst designing your break area is that you need to keep it personal to your business. Yes, you can go wild with your colour scheme, just remember that your break room will be a reflection on your business. For instance, if you have a hip SEO business, why not paint with murals or inspiring quotes your break room to reflect the quirky nature of your brand and your employees? If you have a more formalised business, stick to soft demure colours and wooden furniture.

Quirky Constructions

It is important to consider what sort of materials you intend to use for the construction of your break space. Some people may want to use bold colours to create a deconstructed set of block furniture and tables, others may want a rustic feel with wooden benches and flooring. Try to think outside of the box when it comes to your break space, that way you will have an interesting look that catches the attention of anyone who enters it.

Lots of Light

When your employees are having a bad day at work, the last thing that they need is to rest in a breakroom that looks like a prison cell. Sunlight is good for our psyche and so it is important that your break space has plenty of windows. No matter what sort of area your office faces, be it a road or a park or even a dumpster, what matters is that your break room is brightly lit and gives the opportunity for fresh air to be let in to the environment. This will rejuvenate your work force.

Make it fun

There is nothing wrong with incorporating a little fun into your break room décor. Your employees deserve to relax and focus on other things for a little while. Add a TV, a Games console, book shelves and vending machines to make sure that they can wind down and feel like they can zone out. You can even construct a “nap zone” with the help of work place design experts, such as Maris. Maris provide luxury office design to ensure that your work place always looks professional and your break rooms are a great place to relax.

Coffee Central

Instead of going out to grab a quick tea or coffee, why not set up a coffee machine in your break room with capsules, milk, sugar and a whole range of flavours? This is a personal touch that will really impress your employees, especially if you leave them some biscuits to snack on as well!