How to Design Excellent and Attractive Packaging for Gifts


Presenting a gift to someone shows the care and affection for the person to whom you present. Therefore, choosing the right gift is very important. Just like the selection of an appropriate gift the selection of the proper boxes and its decoration matter a lot. When you present the properly packed gift then you will check the anticipation of the receiver. He will definitely get excited on the special wrap of the gift along with the special gift present inside the box.

If you are planning to present a gift to your child, spouse or your fellow then there are a lot of ideas to design and have an attractive gift packaging for your loved ones. Some of the cool and inspiring ideas to decorate the gift box and get the admiration from the receiver are
Cardboard wrapped with special sheets

These days there is the trend of the black and white wrap. If you are going to present a gift to your spouse then wrapping in black and white combination can be an excellent idea. Try to use the old cardboard boxes to keep your packing budget friendly. Now take the printed black and white polka dots or striped pattern wrapper. Pack to give your gift boxes a neat look. If you want to further decorate it then why not wrap with ribbons of multiple colors? Or you can use the same combination. Use the card having gold color yarn to hang on your custom gift packaging. The overall package will give an attractive appeal.

Another way is to use the simple black paper to wrap the box and then tie a white ribbon to give your gift a classical yet decent look.
Choosing the unique style box

There are a variety of boxes available. These include pillow box, cylindrical shape box, square box with windows and tuck top opening, diamond shape or triangle shape box. Depending on the shape and structure of your gift you can choose the box other than rectangle or square shape. Such custom printed gift boxes are available. You can buy that, place your gift and add the special card with a special message to make it cool and presentable. Even you can buy the plain custom shape boxes and decorate by yourself by painting, wrapping or making special images.

Transparent gift packaging

Another fascinating idea that people use these days is the use of the transparent gift box. Place the gift wrapped with a unique type of colors sheets and then place in the transparent plastic box. You can decorate that transparent box with ribbons, stickers or hang the helium-filled balloons with the box to add the charm and make the extraordinary special custom printed gift packaging. This is a fabulous way to present your gift, in fact, a unique way to show your feelings to whom you love a lot.


Party favor gift boxes

These days there is a trend of gifting something to whom you invite in the party. This is a special way to say thanks to the lovely guest who comes to attend the party from their precious time. Therefore, people arrange special favor boxes. To keep it economical and budget-friendly people prefer to purchase wholesale gift boxes. Usually, gable bags, pillow boxes or rectangular boxes with handles are used as the tiny gift boxes. Along with decorating by themselves or use the printed gift boxes for the event.

Decorate the boxes with DIY stamps

These days people love to do crafts with papers, paints and some old things. Why not make your gift box unique and exceptional? You can use old toys to make stamps. Paint the toy and stamp on the box carefully. Something you can apply with the fruits and veggies as well. Cut onions, tomatoes, cucumber, dip in the paint and stamp on the boxes. Here you go! This will be the best idea to give your box a distinguishing appeal.

Pack the box with silk cloth

Whenever the gift boxes come in mind we consider wrapping with paper, ribbons, and stickers. Have you ever wondered if we wrap with silk cloth than how it looks? It will definitely be an attention seeker. Choose some bright colored silk cloth. Sew the corners with contrasting thread. Embroider some flowers or use the special embroidered patches. Attach them and cover your gift box with it. You can use the ribbon to tie the cloth or sew it with needle and thread. Isn’t it a different idea?

Buy the specially printed gift boxes

If you are not willing to decorate the box by yourself. Then no need to worry you can get the special custom gift boxes, wrapped or without wrapped from the stationary outlet. Even if you want the large quantity like for the school event then you can purchase the wholesale gift packaging online or from the wholesale boxes outlet. In this way, you can save money in buying them wholesale. You can find a variety of designs, colors, themes. Even you can order the special themed box. For example, if you are arranging the birthday party and have the little man theme you can buy the boxes having mustache and tie image printed on them. Although it may cost high but make your part fantastic and memorable for your guests.


How to buy online?

Wholesale printed gift boxes are available online. Even you can order at the international level. It’s not difficult to get them at your doorstep. Just visit the site that provides the printed gift boxes. Fill the form, select the size of the box, mark the shape and method of payment. Done! You will get your package within the delivery days limit. Pack your gift and present it to your loved ones.

These are some of the unique ideas to make your gift unique. There are a lot of other ideas that you can apply and check the anticipation of the receiver. Use either printed gift box or decorate it by yourself, whenever it will be presented it will really show your love to whom it is presented.