How to Drive Employee Motivation Using Latest Technology?



A motivated workforce is every employer’s asset. The human resource department of every organization is responsible for managing and retaining employees. It is also responsible for ensuring that employees stay motivated to deliver according to their optimum capacity. Utilizing different strategies including free lunches, gifts, birthday presents, free passes, etc. it leaves no stone unturned to keep the employees motivated.

• Benefits of a Motivated Workforce:
There is no doubt that an organization benefits a lot through a motivated workforce. It not just spirals up the productivity levels but also attracts more talent towards the organization. Impacting the work culture, employee motivation is the kingpin of overall organizational growth. Lack of employee engagement brings down the creativity levels of employees and leaves them performing at below average productivity levels. Just as technology is utilized to impact various departments in an organization, it can also be leveraged to push up that intrinsic desire to perform optimally.

• Workplace and Technology:
The human resource manager comes up with rules and regulations to ensure employee productivity and overall organizational growth. In this smart phone era, the latest and the most favorite of all managers is to restrict the use of smart phones at workplace. Constant chat and email notifications, phone calls, social media sites, etc. keep luring employees to consider work only as an obligation to fulfill.

This way technology is viewed as the largest factor hampering productivity levels. However, when the same tool is utilized in a little smarter way it can transform employee performance and fill them with motivation to perform to the optimum levels.

• Motivating Employees Using Technology

  1. Receiving Employee Feedback:
    Considering what employees feel or think makes them feel valued and responsible towards organization. By utilizing a software or an app which regularly records their feedback can push up employee engagement. Recording their moods also helps them vent out how they feel during a specific day. Such software or app has a two-fold effect- Employees get to express what they actually feel through technology. Secondly, they spend more time in completing productive tasks and less time chit-chatting about their moods.
  • The Take-Away Tip:
    The data they feed can be utilized in an efficient way to improve their motivation levels. For instance, the feedback recorded can give valuable insight to the HR department as to which employees are able to consider which tasks swiftly. They can then assign those tasks to respective employees which they can complete faster due to their high interest.
  1. Employee Goal Setting:
    Utilizing a single app or a software to help employees’ record short-term and long-term goals and sync these individual goals with larger goals of the organization, can help a great deal to keep employees motivated. Whenever any employee achieves a goal, the app can notify the employees at specific timings of the day. It not only imbibes in them a sense of fulfilment but also makes them feel more connected towards the goals of the organization.
  • The Take-Away Tip:
    Apart from helping employees gauge their productivity levels, the goals set and achieved by the employees can form an important input in the employee performance appraisal process. To encourage healthy competition among employees, the goal setting feature can also include deadlines. The app can also show them the number of days left to achieve a specific goal.
  1. Idea Bank:
    With the use of digital technology, organizations can create an online idea bank which helps the employees contribute their ideas which can transform the overall functioning of the organization. The employees can be assigned points once their ideas get approved. Employees whose ideas get implemented can score even higher.
  • The Take-Away Tip:
    To take things to the next level, organizations can sync specific resources with respective ideas to track how the idea will be implemented and the entire timeline can be created for idea execution. By getting access to view such timelines, employees can compare different ideas to know the time it will take to implement the idea.
  1. Establish Learning Management System (LMS):
    Constantly learning new things in the respective industry is the key to honing ones skills and performing tasks efficiently. This knowledge when shared leads to improved employee results. With the help of technology, organizations can launch a Learning Management System or LMS. This system can promote collaborative eLearning through various tools including real-time chat and videoconferencing. Big organizations with a detailed product database can use the LMS platform to disseminate information about products and services to trainees joining the organization.
  • The Take-Away Tip:
    To take this ahead, organizations can perform regular quiz competitions or games oriented towards testing knowledge gained through the eLearning programs. This will encourage them to learn more and utilize their information gained to improve their efficiency at workplace.
  1. Utilizing Existing Tools to Communicate With Employees:
    Almost every employee of an organization has a Facebook, Gmail, and a LinkedIn account. What managers can do is utilize these tools to communicate different policy changes to the employees of the organization. They can also inform employees about the upcoming changes or new rules to be implemented. The employees can easily get informed through notification in their mobile and also respond in a timely fashion. It is a simple, quick, and efficient way to communicate important messages to employees.
  • The Take-Away Tip:
    As the messages are on social media, no employee will miss it due to frequency of use. Once employees view the messages you can easily know how many and which employees have read the messages and which have not. This way you can ensure employee compliance.

In a nut shell, though social media is viewed as a major productivity destroyer, it can be used in an efficient manner to keep employees motivated. Allowing them to use social media during office hours might make every manager feel insecure. However, when it is used productively it not only makes the managers feel empowered but also instills in employees a sense of freedom which further motivates them to deliver to the best of their abilities.

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