How To Use Pillow Pouch Packaging To Package Different Product


Pillow pouch packaging’s have been in the packaging stream for years and have proven to be reliable and flexible for means of packaging. Pillow pouch packaging is a staple in packaging type, due its humongous variety of packaging products option like from food products to electrical equipment’s can be packaged. Pillow pouches provide secure seal that prevents from contamination and damage as they are air tight, light in weight, easy to carry, laminated and metalized lining that’s keeps the moisture out, a wide variety of color, shapes and sizes to choose and customize, very flexible by means of shipment. They have greater resistance to pressure thus low chances of pillow packaging ruptures available at pocket friendly prices.

There are many types and variety of pillow pouches according to the product demands. Such as pillow pouches with triple laminated aluminum foil, metalized pouches, paper pillow packaging, printed plastic pillow pouch, transparent pillow pouch, dry gel pillow pouch, three-sided sealed pillow pouch, stand-up pouches, retort pouches, flat bottom pouches, bottom gusset pouches, side gusset pouches, four side seal pouches, spouted pouches, zip lock pouches and many more other. You can buy these different types of pillow boxes online in wholesale pillow boxes website at low prices at large amounts and also customize pouches. These pouches are the most satisfactory packaging method by means flexible packaging. There are some modifications made in pouch packaging a well for customer convenience that are reseal able pouches, hanging holes pouches, tear notches, transparent windows in pouches, euro slots, degassing valves. You can also buy pillow packaging machine if in order you have a lot of product to package, it is the most convenient, economical, popular bag style, cost-effective, flexible packaging type.


Food packaging:

A whole lot of variety of processed dried food products can be packaged in pillow boxes, like chips, potato chips, dried banana chips, fried and dried onions, spices, yogurt, milk, biscuits, snacks, candies, flour, sujji, mayonnaise, thick liquids, and much more. The pillow pouch packaging is so much efficient because it seal the product as it is air-tight making the chances of contamination and rotting chances at its lowest.

Electrical equipment packaging:

Many electrical types of equipment can be used to package as the most harm to electronic is moisture entering in it, so pillow packaging also prevents any environmental changes to enter in the packaging also prevents oxidation due to atmospheric change, resulting the product remains as new as it was from manufacturing to distribution.

Pharmaceutical products packaging

Pharmaceutical products such as medicine, drugs and reactive substances are also preferred to be packaged in custom pillow pouches due to its protective isolated seal and non-reactive surface as well as it also maintains the temperature inside the packaging to provide suitability for the packed product by means of long term storage and shipments.

Toy packaging:

Pillow packaging is also used in most soft toys packaging enabling less use of space while packaging toys in a huge amount. Having hand les at the top of the sealant pillow box allows the customers to carry the toy easily from the store to their home and also make it easy to hang it or stand at one corner.

Toiletries packaging:

Toiletries products are volatile to moisture and atmospheric oxidation thus pillow pouch packaging can be used by means of safe and less space requiring packaging and safe shipment without damaging toiletries stuff, for example, surf, shampoo and soap are volatile and thus pillow pouch sealant packaging is more beneficial as you don’t want your product to be wasted while shipping.

Packing Cosmetic Products

Stand up pillow pouches are great for packaging liquid cleanser, moisturizers, creams, lotions and other cosmetic products like that. Sealed pillow packaging having easy tube opening from one end offers ease of use and easy on the go while saving the product from wasting or leaking.