How you can turn your smartphone into a VR Headset?



Numerous people want to get a VR headset, but, not all of them are able to spend big bucks on VR systems like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Forget these expensive systems. Yes! We’re saying that forget these expensive VR systems- your smartphone can act as a best and cheaper VR headset. There are plenty of solutions to turn your Smartphone into a super cool VR headset.

With the help of such an inexpensive VR headset, you’re able to rock through 360-degree videos or experience a fantastic virtual tour or you can watch movies on a virtual screen and feels like your own personal theatre, there are myriad uses of VR. And the best part is that this will work nicely with any Android or iPhone.

Want to take the plunge into VR?

Here’s step by step guidance on how you can turn your Smartphone into a VR headset.

Selecting a good VR phone

The first thing we’ll say is to pick an Android phone. It doesn’t mean you can’t use iPhone, iPhone is great and they can be smoothly used with Google Cardboard. But, Android is leading the charge and it’s affordable for the curious dabbler.

Personally, we recommend you to go with Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge because they have a powerful processor, enough memory to render the visual screens and a potential graphics processor. They are extremely interactive with Samsung Gear VR as well as Google Cardboard. So, it’s a great option to acquaint with VR.

However, you can also use other Android phones such as HTC 10 and LG G5.

Using the right VR kit

Whether you’re working with your existing phone or buying a new one, VR kit you can use with your smartphone depends on the phone you’re going to use.

Google Cardboard is the first choice of anyone because it is the most accessible and incredibly cheap VR kit. Well! If you’ve recent Samsung phone (Samsung Galaxy S7 or Note 5), then seriously Samsung Gear VR is the best option to invest.

Aside from this, there are plenty of VR kits such as Noon VR, LG 360 VR are available from a retailer like Amazon. So pick the one that matches your smartphone and enjoy your first VR experience.

Place your phone into Kit

If you’ve got the Google Cardboard, make sure you have all the pieces to make the headset and assemble them according to the instruction given on the box. After completing this process, place your phone inside the Google Cardboard Headset.

The process is a little bit easier if you’re using Samsung Gear VR or any other kit similar to it. You’ve to just plug your phone into the empty slot instructed in the kit.

Getting started with VR apps

Now you’ve done with placing your phone, next step is to install some apps that offer the easiest way to experience virtual reality on your smartphone.

Some of the best apps for Google Cardboard users are YouTube, Fulldive VR, Expeditions, Street view, Photo Sphere etc. If you’re getting started with other than Google Cardboard such as Samsung Gear VR, there are plenty of apps available like VRSE, Herobound, Proton pulse etc.

Control on VR headset

Controller integrated on VR headset depends on the manufacturer. Most of the headset comes with a single button to control apps. But, you can also use an external one such as Bluetooth controller and these are readily available online.

Whether you want to stand on a space, float on a river or play a game, the possibilities with VR are limitless.

So, what are you waiting for?

This will be a great use of any phone you might have. Unlock your Smartphone’s hidden power by turning it into VR headset. Of course, once you’ve got your headset you’ll able to experience something incredible, something very cool.