How Your New Business Can Kill It with SEO


Have you launched your business and fired up your website? The next thing going through your mind is building a consumer base and generating online traffic. The Internet is populated with online giants that have built their dominance over the years. It’s normal to wonder if there’s any traffic left for your small business website.

Thankfully, SEO is still green for new businesses that know what to do. It now involves more than sheer volume, inbound links, domain age, and content density. Search engine Optimisation is now about which website or page offers the best value to searchers. That said, there are strategies you can employ to draw high-value traffic to your young website.

Specialise in a Niche

One of the best moves to make is focusing on a niche. You can’t afford to throw a wide net as a new business. By pouring your efforts into one niche, you will enjoy higher visibility.

Use Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords will help you target specific audiences better. They’re extended phrases Google looks for to answer specific questions, such as “Tips for installing a Victorian conservatory” instead of the shorter “Conservatory installation”. Even though Long-tail keywords attract smaller traffic, they target people with profitable intent. Use Google Keyword Planner to discover the best Long-tail keywords for your niche.

Engage in Local SEO

Targeting the whole of England will dim your visibility than when you target the county where you operate. Let Google and your prospects know you do business in a particular location. Use Google MY Business to verify your business and claim listings for your location. This will boost your sales significantly. Also, get backlinks from sites in the location you’re targeting. All these will help you appear in local search queries for your niche.

Use a Competent SEO company

There’s no doubting the workload that comes with SEO. If you want to make an impact fast, go for the best SEO company in the UK you can find. This will not only allow you focus on the core aspects of your business but will also boost your organic search ranking significantly. SEO experts know how to bring brands to the ideal local audience through proven local SEO strategies.

Build Healthy Relationships with Customers

You have the advantage of managing your customers better than your competitors. Since your business is small, you can build personal relationships with all your local customers. Get to know who they are, their likes and dislikes, and more. This will make them loyal customers and also spread word of your brand.

In the End

There is still valuable traffic that can benefit your new business. All you need is to appear in the top spot for the right search queries. Follow the tips above and you’ll be killing it with SEO in no time.