ICO hands out first ever prison sentence for data misuse



The Information Commissioner’s Office has handed out a six-month prison sentence to an employee for accessing customer records without permission, in a landmark prosecution led by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In light of this news, Jake Moore, cyber security specialist at ESET UK, said:

_“Often in these cases there seems to be a lot of effort and action in bringing the “bad actors” to justice only to find out that it was difficult or unrealistic to prosecute. As far as the public are concerned, it’s deemed as a waste of time. Of course this is rarely the case; for the cyber criminals there must be a deterrent, as thinking “I will never be caught and if I am I will get away with it” cannot be the way forward. If you commit a cyber or physical crime you must be accountable. You should expect to be caught and understand that this may include a prison sentence. Providing it is justified, any deterrent is a good thing and this ticks the success box.”