Instagram likes for sale? Everything you need to know about it


Instagram is one of the most prominent social media outlets. Since its launch in the year 2010, it has been growing at a steady pace. The popularity has skyrocketed ever since it was bought by Facebook two years later. Here is a fantastic fact for you; there are over 1 million active advertisers on the platform. This coupled with the fact that 90% of the users are below the age of 35 points to the reality of how Instagram gets leveraged as a source of income.

Here are some more statistical data for you. Around 22% of users log in every day and spend a total of 53 minutes on the platform on an average. There are 95 million monthly posts that account for both photos and videos, and over 300 million selfies have been posted till date. This begs the most important question of all; how to get more likes? Well, we have you covered. In here, we give you a general idea about how Instagram works and what can you do to buy Instagram likes.

About Instagram algorithm

The algorithm is based on the following key points.


There is a continuous prediction method to determine the specific content and posts according to your searches and interests. This places specifically catered content higher in your feed.


It is always about the most recent posts which always gets placed higher.

Interactive audience

Instagram interaction is limited to likes, shares, and comments. So profiles with which your handle has interaction will rank higher on your feed.

Do you need to buy Instagram likes?

Yes, absolutely yes! You do need to purchase Instagram likes if you want to be an Influencer. Likes are to validate your interests and your gateway to similar posts on Instagram. It is the way you can engage with the content or let people engage with what you post. It is like the thumbs up or the cheering but in the virtual world.

Let’s give you some numbers, e.g., there are around 4.2 billion likes per day. That is like 8000+ likes per second! The more engagement numbers you have on your post, the better is your engagement. This translates into better chances at brand deals and associated perks. This is how the business works in the 21st century.

The legal story of buying Instagram likes

No, you are not breaking any criminal laws, and you won’t face prosecution. Real likes or fake likes; it doesn’t matter. Yes, counterfeit likes will hurt you eventually, but that is another story. However, there are several aspects that you must look through before hiring a service for buying Instagram followers, likes and comments.

What’s the difference between “bots” and organic likes?

All this while you might have been imagining a movie scene where a coder sets up a program to generate likes for a post unless the law enforcement catches him. Well, you are not very far away from the truth. But there are no law enforcement officers involved. And, the real story is not so exaggerated! There are cheap services that offer Instagram likes and use bots or virtual robots to generate "bot-likes."

Instagram has a firm policy against bot likes. You need to have real people scroll through the stories, liking and commenting to increase the engagement metrics. These bots can sometimes be malicious third-party apps that steal user information, password, and personal data. These independent apps abuse the algorithm at Instagram and are unsafe to use.

Instagram has means to detect bot likes, and they are immediately removed and blocked permanently from the platform. So, what you should look for are organic likes where every like is accounted for by a real person scrolling and interacting at his/her personal computer.

Terms of Service at Instagram

While going for a service to buy Instagram likes you must ideally check for the compliance of the firm with the TOS at Instagram. You are liable to a violation of the TOS if you are found using bots. Since the bots can often harm users by risking privacy and online safety, use of bot likes is frowned upon by the admins at Instagram. So make sure of the integrity and professionalism of service before signing on the dotted line.

Benefits of buying likes

Once upon a time the business of buying Instagram followers, likes and comments was a secret. But then a slew of celebrities opened up and who wasn’t on that list. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, and the Jenners, Cristiano Ronaldo, even Oprah!

Now, the celebrity accounts are handled by the PR firms, and they really wouldn’t invest in something stupid. So, if your favorite celebrities can, you can as well. This is your chance at stardom almost instantly. There are several benefits of using a service to generate likes, comments, and followers for the social media platform. Let us have a look at them.

Doesn’t cost much

If you are asking, then the answer is it is very affordable. Any business owner, aspiring actress, model, singer, athlete or influencer can make a gesture of standing out of the crowd. Present your desirable side and soak in the wonders of celebrity life.

About social proof

Social proof is a psychological theory which details how people want to follow in the footsteps since standing alone can make one feel like a "guinea pig." This brings us to the next point

You can save time

The more people follow you and like your content, the more you climb the ladder of social media fame, success, and fortune. Otherwise, the natural way is a long and tedious process which means you have to live on the platform all around the clock as well as create, generate and execute unique content.

Reach out to more people

The more likes you have on your posts, the more you can use Instagram’s algorithms to good use. The algorithm will take care of your requirement to reach out to newer and bigger audience groups and demographics.

If you are looking to access the world of popularity and stardom, it is time you invest in buying Instagram followers, likes and comments. What are you waiting for?