IoT Roadshow Launch @ IoT Tech Expo NA 2018 -- showcasing Highlights of the Korean IoT Industry


SANTA CLARA, California, Nov. 27, 2018 – The Ministry of Science and Internet Communication Technology[1], together with Korea Internet & Security Agency[2] will be showcasing 10 rising IoT companies for the North American market. The plan is to open a joint booth at the IoT Tech Expo to create meaningful business relationships between the Korean IoT companies and potential U.S. partner companies.

2018 Q1 IoT Roadshow Networking Event - Japan

2018 Q1 IoT Roadshow Networking Event - Japan

The companies representing Korea will be introducing products that include smart city (location tracking), smart home (home automation technologies) and other innovative products – in various areas where the latest IoT technology has been implemented. The participating companies are looking to find a partner to cooperate on the technological / business growth aspects in the U.S. market but also to see business opportunities with major companies and distributors who are looking to expand their business using the latest IoT technologies.

The abovementioned roadshow will be part of the IoT Tech Expo North America 2018 event which is being held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from November 28 to 29 under the title – “Connected Innovation, Korea IoT Highlights”. On the 29th at 14:00, there will be a networking function hosted by the Korean IoT companies for the opportunity to meet with various professionals of the industry. Anyone is welcome to join the event and those who sign-up through Eventbrite will be offered a free drink at the booth.

  • Location – Stand 573, Santa Clara Convention Center
  • The “Networking Mixer” event registration link -

Both MSIT and KISA hope that the Expo will be an opportunity for the two countries to become strategic partners by creating business synergies and collaborating on IoT knowledge through active dialogue.

Below is a chart of the participating companies and a short description of their products.

Participating company Product being introduced
Bluesignal Corp. Name Predictive Drive
Description Smart traffic solution using AI engine and big data analysis
Brunt Co. Ltd. Name Blind Engine
Description IoT Blind controller that makes ordinary blinds and window shades become a smart device
Corners Name COSES(COrners Smart Evacuation System)
Description System that enables effective evacuation at times of active shooting
DNX Co.,Ltd. Name Gray Friends
Description Safety and care service for elderly with wearable devices
J2C Name Iris Recognition Solution
Description Iris recognition solution and optical components for integrated biometric security suite
Magpie Tech Name VH-80
Description The world’s first bilateral laser distance measurer
Description Asset management solution for healthcare facilities
SmartGolf LLC Name Smart Golf
Description Motion sensor analysis technology that captures, analyzes and virtually reenacts the golf swings
Spacosa Name Gper
Description Location information service based on LoRaWAN and 3G Tracker
Toy’s Myth Inc. Description Customer analytics solution based on IoT, big-data and machine-learning

[1] MSIT – Korean governmental division overseeing policies regarding science technology and info-communications.

[2] KISA – Government agency supporting Korea’s internet portal services and security of information on the internet.

Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) is a governmental agency overseeing Korea’s Internet portal management and web security protocols. The agency is developing and spreading intelligent convergence security technologies to meet current trend demands over the Internet. Other responsibilities include - securing the safety of the country/citizens in cyberspace, maintaining high level of information protection systems to ensure a sustainable growth engine of the future.