Local government digital communications report shows complexities within local authorities



Local Government digital communications report exposes lack of investment in UK council intranets denying local authority workers an effective voice

Invotra undertook research over three months via Freedom of Information requests to establish the state of UK Council digital communications. The Local Government digital communications report launched today includes results from 379 local authority respondents.

Download a copy of the report here

Key findings include:

  • Scotland has the largest percentage of Councils with a current digital workplace strategy (69%)
  • Annual IT budgets range from £55 million in Manchester, with Scotland having the highest average annual IT spend
  • There are huge differences in the average IT spend per employee - £9,167 in Manchester compared to £1.95 in Kent
  • There are over 280 different types of job titles that describe the person that manages the intranet within Councils, demonstrating the complexity within ‘DigitalGov’
  • Annual intranet budgets are low, averaging £20,000 per Council and represent less than 1% of annual IT budgets
  • Some councils have no intranet while others have always had the same platform in place for over 20 years
  • Only 23 Councils manage their intranets inhouse with the majority using external suppliers

Paul Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer, Invotra commented: “Our report highlights many positives about operational digital workplace strategies as well as significant investments in IT. The UK’s digital communications map is, however, patchy - there are haves and have nots.

“What is evident, is the complexity and difficulty there exists for a standard or unified approach to developing digital communications for council employees to give them a loud, effective voice. There are hundreds of different people and departments managing Council IT and intranets across the UK. We believe the best way to overcome this complexity is by using technology solutions - platforms that encompass social and collaboration tools and blockchain to assist greater engagement within local authorities, and with central government departments.”

“With our central and local government experience - providing intranet services, hosting PanGov meetings and an exclusive portal - we wanted to share our report findings to encourage insight into the state of council digital communications today while proposing recommendations as to how they might improve in the future.”

Invotra is a leading SaaS provider of enterprise intranet and portal solutions. Every day, thousands of UK council employees rely upon its secure software services. In addition to quarterly PanGov meetings, we host an exclusive portal for our customers, GOV.invotra, which encourages collaboration between central government departments, local authorities and Invotra. We provide intranet services to over 45% of central government departments including the DWP, Home Office and DfT plus Bracknell Forest, East Herts, Reading, Stevenage local authorities.

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