Managers in emerging economies are less sceptical about AI



42% of APAC managers would trust advice from AI systems, compared with 18% in Europe, according to research from BI Norwegian Business School and Accenture.

Vegard Kolbjørnsrud, assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship and senior research fellow in Accenture, surveyed 1,770 managers from 14 countries and interviewed 37 executives overseeing digital transformation in their organisations about their attitudes to working with AI systems.

The research found that although 84% of respondents think AI will make their job more interesting and effective, less than half that amount would trust its advice in business decisions.

Kolbjørnsrud says: “Our research suggests that if managers know about technology, their expectations of these AI systems are higher but they are not necessarily less fearful of it. What makes the difference in managers’ hesitance and fear is being taught to use the technology, or being given a basic technological skillset. From a change management perspective, if a company wants to really challenge fear and resistance, it must train people with real skills.”

Kolbjørnsrud identified three ways of training managers to increase their trust in AI systems.

Kolbjørnsrud says: “There are three components of building trust in AI systems’ advice in decision-making areas like finance or recruitment and promotion. Firstly, managers need to understand the AI system, both how it works and how it generates advice. Secondly, there has to be a proven track record of its success that is available for managers to look at. Lastly, it must be proved that the system doesn’t behave like an oracle, but can explain its recommendations.”

“Global companies have an even more complex task in successfully implementing these technologies. It’s clear that different markets have varying levels of scepticism towards AI systems. APAC managers are the least sceptical with 42% fully trusting advice, in comparison to 30% of Americans, 19% of Europeans and 8% of Nordics. Training and approach to implementation of intelligent systems must be tailored to suit each location in order to receive the best possible reception.”

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