Microgaming Software for Casinos - Full Features List



One of the most familiar terms for any gambling fan is the name “Microgaming”. Microgaming is a company that develops online casino games and allows casinos to use them on their own systems.

Microgaming is a pioneer in the online casino industry as it was the only company creating gambling software in 1990s. Back then, internet technologies were barely nascent and online casino gaming was something that could only be dreamt of. Soon other platforms followed Microgaming but many of them failed to keep up with the evolving technological requirements. However, Microgaming continued progressing with the changing times and solidified its position as the leader of the online casino industry.


Microgaming is pretty convenient for its users and offers them a number of ways to easily access its network. Firstly, there is this software known as Viper. It can be downloaded and configured easily on any computer which can then interact with a wide range of Microgaming casinos.

Secondly, Microgaming has kept itself up to date and has provided support for the smart phones too. Online Microgaming games can be played on Android, iOS and other mobile platforms.

Lastly, Microgaming games are also available in HTML5 which means they can be run at virtually any platform.


There are a number of features that make Microgaming stand out from its competitors. Some of these are:

Poker rooms

Poker is one of the most popular games in the casino industry and Microgaming platform supports all the forms of Poker. They have more than 35 online poker rooms on the internet. In these poker rooms, everyone has an opportunity to join and play with others. Microgaming poker rooms are different from others because they usually hold tournaments with famous sponsors and thus provide attractive rewards.

Microgaming’s main platform for poker is Microgaming Poker Network (MPN). With MPN, players can get 24/7 fun, constant promotions and a plethora of poker games. MPN also organizes festivals each year in countries like Ireland, Germany and Malta.


Jackpot is the best opportunity in gambling that can offer people a way to collect large prizes. Jackpots have the potential to change the lives of people. Microgaming has been edging out its competitors consistently with their huge jackpots. Games that run on Microgaming’s platform can have lotteries up to $1 million.

Microgaming’s Bingo software is its primary network for jackpots in games. It provides various functionalities with availability of flash based games that can easily be played on PCs and mobiles. 75 ball and 90 ball are amongst the types of games in Bingo. Moreover high roller, dash for cash, cash blitz and bonus tickets are available on Bingo’s network.

Detecting Collusions

A common issue with online casino platforms is their lack of attention to security. Collusion is a phenomenon in online gambling where players team up and cheat by going against a certain player. Collusion is a problem that cannot be solved by any platform as companies cannot force users sitting behind a screen to act according to their wishes.

However, Microgaming’s uniqueness comes from its increased focus on the security of its network. They have reduced collusions on their platforms to a certain extent.

Graphics and Audio Quality

One major problem with other casino games is their subpar quality of graphics and audio. Outdated technologies are used to create games on many platforms and thus the experience is not too rich. On the other hand, the games on the Microgaming platform are famous for their adherence to modern day graphics that help to visualize realistic scenery. The background music and sound effects is also top notch. These factors help to improve the overall gaming experience a lot.


Sportsbook is one of the most renowned names in online sports betting which is used in Europe and North America. It supports all the popular sports including horseracing and football. Indoor games like chess and pool are also provided. These betting platforms are not restricted to a single language and are available in all the major languages.


On top of the Microgaming platform, another platform known as Quickfire has been developed. It is created for operators in online gambling industry. This platform helps operators to go through Microgaming’s material and easily integrate with web and mobile platforms. After integrating, operators have access to the largest online casino networks.

There have been more than 350 games on Quickfire and each month new game titles are released. This means the players do not get bored and always have some fresh material on their hands. Moreover, multiple currencies and languages are supported by Quickfire, making it a global product. Furthermore, Quickfire obeys all the gaming related rules and regulations. Lastly, Quickfire is also responsible for the management of server hardware of their games. These factors make Quickfire an attractive option for operators.

Live Dealer

One of the most advanced features of the Microgaming platform is Live Dealer. Live Dealer helps to provide a real-time casino experience through live videos of dealing. Each activity of the betting process is recorded and saved.

The functionalities provided are the multi-table play and auto bet in which a card is dealt according to the situation. Moreover, charts and data are provided regarding the statistics of a player’s winnings, losses and other variables. Furthermore, the users are also alerted at the availability of seats.


Microgaming is a founding member of eCOGRA, a reputable audit company in the casino sphere. All of the Microgaming’s platforms are authenticated through eCOGRA. eCOGRA makes sure that all these games produce legitimate results without any cheating. Moreover, these games are regularly rechecked so that they will be running in accordance with the guidelines. Therefore, joining the Microgaming platform guarantees an exceptional game experience with impartial and fair results.

With so many features and functionalities available, Microgaming platform seems to be a top choice for both casino gamers and operators.