MissMap: A New App For Women's Safety



Know Before You Go – Introducing MissMap

As a young woman in her 20s, Priya Lehal has taken women’s safety into her own hands and through it, MissMap was born. – MissMap. MissMap was inspired by Lehal’s desire to advocate for women’s rights in a way that would empower women to speak up through their commitment to each other as a community.


Lehal decided something had to be done when she discovered that certain reviews online regarding sexual harassment on the premises of establishments were being taken down and disregarded. This unfortunate reality is what motivated Priya to turn what initially started as a small high school project into an app that is now available to women across the world.

Discussions around women safety are happening globally. Despite these efforts, there is still a need for a global community of women, with micro-communities between local women and tourists to address the issue on a first hand basis.

MissMap has the ability to bypass the issues women face when
advocating for our rights by using this social system against itself.
Through creating a community of women reviewing their experiences in establishments globally society is forced to listen. This empowerment would allow for women’s voices and experiences to be heard and considered to make a difference in the standards of respect, safety and equality.

MissMap works through a rating and review system, where women can evaluate their experiences and inform future visitors of such experiences. We expect that this will also act as an incentive for businesses and local areas to improve in their standards of service they provide to all their visitors. Thanks to MissMap, women will now have the opportunity to plan their outings in advance and be informed on which places and areas receive the highest praise. In doing so, the awareness towards women’s safety will also be encouraged.

After launching on the 30th November 2018, MissMap is already on its way to creating a tight-knit community of women looking out for each other. Available now in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. MissMap – know before you go.