National Work from Home Day: 94% of workers say they would be more productive if they could work away from noisy offices


As many as 94% of workers say they would be more productive if they worked from home because their office is too noisy, according to research conducted by Poly and Oxford Economics.

The survey of over 2,000 workers reveals that noisy office environments disrupt 55% of workers multiple times a day, causing them to seek peace and quiet in meeting rooms or at home. Loud talking on the phone was voted the biggest noise complaint.

Commenting on the research, Paul Clark, Senior Vice President, EMEA Managing Director, Poly said: “Too often the open office is a sea of distractions, from loud talkers to kitchen blenders and spontaneous outbursts of conversation, which is preventing teams from focusing on their work.

“Working from home offers a safe haven away from a loud, chaotic office, but remaining connected to colleagues is key. To enable effective communication and collaboration for teams in multiple locations, technology is key, from noise cancelling headsets that minimise distracting background noise for those in the office, to unified communications platforms that bring remote workers closer to the team.”

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