NEO Blockchain adds Spatium wallet to the list of approved wallets



SINGAPORE, Nov. 30, 2018 – NEO has just added the Spatium™ software and hardware wallets as recommended storage options for the NEO cryptocurrency and various NEP standard tokens. Spatium’s™ product becomes the latest of a handful of wallets approved by NEO.

Spatium’s™ software wallet promises greater security than today’s hardware wallets based on technology independently audited by a top global cybersecurity evaluator, Sera-Brynn. It can already be downloaded from Google Play, App Store and the Microsoft Store. Spatium’s™ credit card-shaped hardware wallet is slated to be released in the next several months. It is set to include biometric authorization, and wireless and Internet-less NFC/bluetooth connectivity, as well as inheritance, plausible denial, and other add-on services.

The approval was the culmination of a comprehensive review by NEO’s security engineers of Spatium’s™ technology done separately from the Sera-Brynn audit. Once NEO’s engineers concluded their technical audit of the Spatium™ Protocol, Spatium’s™ hardware and software wallets’ security, functionality, features, and compatibility with NEO, Spatium’s™ hardware and software wallets were approved and added to the list of wallets recommended for use by the NEO community.

The NEO platform is a powerful tool for building dApps and issuing tokens for new blockchain projects. Its NEP protocol is competing with Ethereum’s ERC-20 to be the standard for issuing new tokens. In the coming months, the Spatium™ wallet will add support for all NEO standards, including the NEP-5 token standard, plus NEP-2 and NEP-9.

“Holders of NEO will now be able to access the same unhackable Spatium™ security available to over 100 coins and tokens,” notes Spatium™ CEO, Geray Yusifov .

More info and useful materials in Spatium™ can be found in their Media Center and in the company’s GitHub repository is located at