New Password Security Portal and Active Directory Audit Tools From Authlogics



Authlogics is providing resellers with free access to its online Password Security Portal and Password Audit Tool for Active Directory. Resellers can now gather information and run reports on both their existing and prospective customers, to determine how many passwords in current usage have been breached. Armed with this crucial data, resellers can provide evidence of an issue that must be addressed by the organisation to satisfy regulatory responsibilities, and solve it with the Authlogics Password Policy Agent.

The Authlogics Password Policy Agent is a ground-breaking piece of software that runs on the IT network, securing the Active Directory against poor, non-compliant password behaviour. Every time a new password is created it intercepts and analyses it to ensure it is compliant with the latest NIST SP 800-63B guidance. What’s more, in less than a second, the password is cross-referenced against the Authlogics Cloud Password Breach Database which contains more than half a billion passwords that are known to have been breached. The password will not be permitted for use if it’s found to have been breached.

The CEO of Authlogics, Steven Hope states: “The combination of our Password Security Portal, Password Audit Tool and the Password Policy Agent is the perfect proposition for resellers. They can proactively demonstrate to existing and prospective customers that there is a real problem, and once alerted they are obliged to respond in order to comply with regulatory responsibilities.” He adds: “The Authlogics Password Policy Agent is the perfect antidote to poor password management and the ideal cross and upsell opportunity for the reseller. It is key for showing both point in time and ongoing compliance with current password policy best practice.”

Authlogics is currently welcoming new resellers at all levels of its Partner Programme. For more information about becoming a partner visit: