New Social Media Networking App launches in London


Designed as an exclusive family and friends network, the self-named application is a safe and secure way to bring families together, chat with loved ones, make new connections, and promote start-ups and businesses.

inLinx is the latest innovation in the realm of social media that aims to bring the real world directly into a digitised virtual life. Users of the app can create virtual families, make friends and control their relationships just like they do in real life.

Founder Zabi Zamir started inLinx because he believed younger generations of social media users were hesitant about connecting with their family and close relatives due to privacy issues. Millennials were simply not comfortable with sharing the same content with their family as they were with their friends. Therefore, according to him, “family connection requests were often instantly rejected or left in the endless vortex of unanswered friend requests”.

This prompted inLinx to tackle the issue and develop a way for users to limit their content to specific audiences. Through user-friendly privacy settings, inLinx allows users to choose between families to control what each of their friends can see. inLinx also uses their secure network to ensure that no one’s personal social media activities can be found on Google or any other search engine. This privacy allows users and families to be free to act like their true self on the internet.

Although inLinx’s main priority is bringing family back into the forefront of everyone’s life, the app’s security settings can also benefit public figures who want to take back their private life. With the division of a public and private virtual life, celebrities, politicians, and other public figures can separate what they post to the public and what they post to their family and friends. This creates the ability to update fans and still stay connected with loved ones without sharing private information with the public world. inLinx also has other features that make it truly unique. The app is available in over 50 languages and integrates chat applications that connect users locally or all over the world. This helps to foster new relationships and serve as a potential online dating service that is safe and easy to use.

The app also hosts an SEO-friendly business listing that promotes businesses and entrepreneurs by providing free exposure and marketing. Through this digital marketplace, a company’s idea, service, or product can reach the top of Google pages and essentially save businesses thousands on ads and promotional material.