Olvin announces new analytics platform for drinks industry


A new analytics platform is looking to bring pubs and bars into the digital age by providing them with data about their performance, their customers and their local competitors.

Olvin, a real-world analytics platform, uses location data from mobile devices to gain an understanding of consumer behaviour and trends within the drinks industry. The platform, which is free to use, aims to provide pubs and bars with offline insights to help improve their digital marketing and drive revenue growth.

By drawing on location data, Olvin’s platform identifies patterns in the places that people visit and interprets the preferences of people within a specific area. These analytics can then be used by pubs and bars, as well as drinks brands, to tailor their digital marketing strategies to target potential punters and get more people through the doors.

The company is launching the platform at a time when pubs in Britain are closing at a rate of 18 per week, as the traditional British pub competes against supermarket prices and larger chains. Olvin believe that they can give smaller businesses a fighting chance in a hostile and saturated market by untapping the potential of location data and targeted digital marketing.

“With a smaller pool of consumers to compete for, landlords are finding that they can’t afford any missteps when it comes to their pub” said Sam Amrani, the company’s founder and CEO. “Our analytics can help businesses understand what their customers and consumers in the area are looking for when it comes to the bar industry.”

Their targeting feature works by segmenting devices that match specific criteria that the user can customise. The owners of these devices can then be targeted with unobtrusive adverts that appear on platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. The whole process is completely anonymous.

“A clearer view of their landscape is just the first step. After understanding how to improve their pub, customers can target incredibly specific audiences with online marketing campaigns. The owner of a bar can literally reach people who have walked within 25 metres of their bar.” said Amrani.

The Olvin platform is completely free to use, while customers can purchase custom audience segments on a ‘cost per device’ basis.