Prince 2 Certification: Reasons to Opt


Project IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is a de-facto standard set for project management in the United Kingdom and is practiced worldwide. This is widely recognized in the private sector both in the UK and internationally. It offers a customizable and scalable process for handling diverse projects effectively.


The key features of PRINCE2 Course include:

  • Focusing on Business Justification
  • Planning approach that is product-based
  • Dividing the project into stages that are manageable and controllable
  • Applying flexibility at levels that are appropriate to the project

Reasons for Getting PRINCE 2 Course

  • Improvement In Project Management Skills

This is the major reason for PRINCE2 certification and so it is the most obvious benefit. This certification helps in improving your project management skills. After attaining this certification, a professional learn to deploy better management skills.

During this process, an individual learns about the methods, frameworks, terminologies, systems, and procedures used by a large number of project managers and also will be able to successfully plan, monitor, and manage projects.

A PRINCE2 Certified professional uses the methods that are alternative to PMP, and having in-depth knowledge of both sets will provide greater versatility and flexibility.

  • More of Methodology Than an Instructional Manual

Unlike other project management certifications, it lays emphasis upon principles than following any instructional booklet having multiple rules.

It acts as a reference guide and explains the stages of the project along with the required roles and responsibilities that must be followed. This will not suggest the small tasks that a project requires, but will ascertain the processes and principles that one may require to manage the project.

With this certification, you will be able to manage all the PRINCE2 projects and closely oversee their management process.

  • Easy Start

The important factors that must be considered before taking up any certification course include:

  • The time required for studies and preparation.
  • The cost involved to pursue it.
  • The effect it has on other areas of your professional lives.

With PRINCE2 one can directly start preparing for the Foundation level examination and attain this certification without spending too much time on training and also save money.

  • Can Get Certification In Hand Sooner

Once the training is complete, you have to take the exam from the training provider or else you can opt for a public exam. The process for applying for the certification is not time-consuming and there is no audit process for your application.

  • Professional Make Big Money

This certification acts as an invaluable asset for your career. Other than increasing your job opportunities, it helps you to complete your projects effectively. You can be heavily rewarded for the hard work you put into your project with proper management and completing the task within the prescribed time limit.

A PRINCE 2 certified Project Manager can earn an average salary of GBP 50,000. These are among the most priced professionals in European countries.

  • Global Recognition

This certification is recognized at global levels. It was developed in the public IT sector under the wise supervision of UK government. This has set a standard for project managers in almost all parts of the world. Not only the government but private and public sector companies are using this today to set higher job standards for the employees. It has gained popularity among the USA, Africa, and Asia. Other than gaining popularity in your native country, you can also get yourself involved in the projects at global levels.

  • Compatible With Many Organizations

The project manager in PRINCE2 is not the sole hero of the project. The roles and responsibilities of the individuals are clearly defined in the project organization. Within a PRINCE 2 project, the project manager cannot be entirely put into blame if something goes accidentally wrong in spite of playing a major role in the progress of the project.

Other than this, due to the shared responsibilities, the chance of failure of the project falls and success can be assured.

  • Not Limited to Single Industry

Prince 2 expands the areas of project management. The professional cannot be tied to a specific industry and organization type and can use his skills in any organization, for any project, and in any industry at any scale.

  • Proof of Certification

You can easily demonstrate the proof of your certification. The certification body APMG International enters the name of the certified professional in the official PRINCE 2 Successful Candidate Register. This register can be accessed by anybody at the online platform. For instance, during any job interview, you need not carry or send documents related to your certifications it could be checked by anybody.

The register specifies the date of the exam and that you have certified it. This can easily be searched by candidate name or number. The employee has to just provide the candidate number and the employer can easily check the details online.

  • Easier to Attain Other Certifications

This is an independent certification for project management. But preparing for this certification will qualify you for exemptions when studying for other certifications.

  • Appearing For the Examinations

Generally, the institute providing PRINCE 2 training includes the examination as a part of their training. So, one need not worry about the cumbersome form filling activity.
In the case of the individuals who have done self-studies, they can check for the public exam section on APMG- International Website. You can get the hard copy of the application form and need to fill it and return it to the institute to reserve a place in the examination center.

Other than this, APMG-International offers examinations at British Council Offices in certain countries. Candidate needs to check the booking under the certification tab and check the certification date according to their requirement and proceed for the payment. After the completion, the details of the exam venue will be informed to the candidate along with the guidelines and the procedures.


PRINCE 2 Course provides a common vocabulary for the project manager worldwide, which helps in effective communication. Moreover, it is compatible with all other project management certification and also provides technical structure to the frameworks of various projects.