Project Objects Unveils its Scalable, Agile, Enterprise PPM Solution


Project Objects, the international provider of software, expertise, and best practices for Extended Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (ePPM), announces the release of Project Objects Version 10.

Launching Project Objects V. 10.0 represents the most significant product release during the past twelve months and introduces a new paradigm in the company’s approach to developing PPM solutions. By expanding the utilization scenarios available to include any user class and methodological approach, Project Objects has taken ‘configurability’ to new, unprecedented levels.

The Company’s continuing investment in software development demonstrates the value it places on simultaneously servicing existing customer needs, whilst at the same time, responding to new PPM market trends and innovations.

What’s new in Project Objects Version 10?

Enhanced User Interface makes Project Objects easier to use, whilst improving functionality and performance. Enriched Configuration Management allows customers to create their own user experience.

User experience and configuration forms the backbone of Version 10, Project Object’s best-in-class PPM platform. The User Interface has become simpler and easier to navigate, eliminating the number of clicks required to execute a task or access functionality. Plus, users now have the flexibility to configure their software individually according to working preference and organisational best practice. This is achieved through a hierarchical EGS – Enterprise Governance Structure - a brand new set of configuration capabilities, which enables ProjectObjects Version 10 to provide a personalized user experience and full data visibility at any level within an organisation. The EGS, coupled with our Enterprise Breakdown Structures, offers horizontal views and unparalleled insights into the business, providing profiles of projects and portfolios from multiple perspectives.

Stage and Phase Gate Management improvements:

Gate approvals are now both user and workflow driven. Key deliverables can be defined for each stage, with workflows configurable within each phase. For example, a workflow can be configured to manage the credit request process or any other ‘object’ within a particular phase. A stage gate can also be associated with a particular SAP integration, allowing for cost or related data to be considered when making gate decisions.

Benefits Realisation Management based on key value matrices:

Benefits Realisation Management is becoming critical in organisations that manage their projects and portfolios based on value metrics – for example, increased productivity, revenues, costs, etc. Project Objects has introduced benefit/value matrices into portfolio and project assessments, allowing for more effective decision-making.

Wagile: Integrating the agile module ‘Boards’ into Project Objects PPM:

Boards is a new module within the Project Objects PPM platform, which enables project team members to run their operations according to an agile methodology. In tandem with an overall waterfall approach, it’s now possible to manage agile tasks within shared boards in Version 10.

As a module, Boards enables a fully visual, collaborative and flexible approach to the daily workload. This is detailed in tasks, stored information, attachments, logs of worked hours, shared comments and notifications. Progress, dates and status are then ‘rolled up’ at project activity level, to keep Project Managers informed of key project deliverables on an ongoing basis.

Mobile Application development to enhance collaboration, issue tracking and approvals:

In line with customer feedback and the increased demand for remote working solutions, Project Object’s mobile capabilities have been significantly upgraded. The latest version offers new, fully integrated IOS and Android applications, plus additional functionality including dedicated applications for the Project Dashboard, Team Space Collaboration and Time Tracking. Users can now enable forms; lessons learned, meeting minutes and onsite issues via a mobile device.

Significant new scalability and performance improvements:

Our large enterprise customers continue to demand a solution able to scale to thousands of users, with significant increases in the amount of data held in the solution. We have made significant improvements in both of these areas using the latest technology in the latest version of Project Objects.

Gioacchino Gaudioso, CEO at Project Objects who, along with the Product Management team, works closely with customers and buyers on product development plans, says: “Project Objects has an ambitious product roadmap of future software developments to enable us to achieve our vision of becoming the global PPM platform of choice. We thank our customers and partners for enabling us to sustain the pace of our technological enhancements and look forward to continuing to surpass expectations with future products.”

Availability: Project Object’s release 10.0 is available immediately for purchase and implementation, either as a cloud based or on-premise solution.


Founded in 2006, by CEO Gioacchino Gaudioso, Project Objects has grown organically to become a leading international provider of software, consultancy and best practice expertise for Extended Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management (EPPM). The Company vision is built around the belief that PPM software should fully support the way our customers run their individual business, adapting where needed to existing business practices and never forcing the customer to change the way major investment decisions are executed.

Consistently recognised by Gartner as innovative and visionary, Project Objects is fully focused on developing and supporting leading PPM solutions that are designed to be customer focused and driven. The Company has been awarded a Visionary classification in the Magic Quadrant for IT Project & Portfolio Management and Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Based Project and Portfolio Management Services since 2015.

Headquartered in Ireland, Project Objects has operations in Europe and Asia.