Pros And Cons Of Using Chatbots On Your Website



The application of artificial intelligence in the customer service environment has become popular. It makes a website more interactive and engaging. Cutting-edge web design solutions, such as those offered by ONE400 web development agency, integrate AI. Now, even boring law firm websites become interesting.

The best manifestation of AI on websites is the use of chatbots. It provides instant customer service and spontaneous interaction.

It makes a website even more engaging to visitors and customers. However, using them have its advantages and disadvantages. It’s best to understand what these are before you decide on using these on your website.


The invention of chatbots provides a lot of strategic and financial benefits to a business. Here are some of the advantages of using chatbots:

Fast and accurate

Chatbots are designed to provide rapid, instant and direct service to site visitors or customers. They pretty much deliver overwhelmingly well in that aspect. Chatbots respond swiftly and accurately to targeted demand and service.

The speed in communication and precise relevance of information that they provide increase the potential of purchases. It becomes a win-win for both the website and the customers. The goals of both parties are immediately satisfied.

Bottom line is that these make the service much faster than traditional live customer service. They don’t need to think, open tabs, tape, close tabs and hold. They provide results and answers in a second. On top of that, they provide relevant hot news that may be valuable to the customer.

Work 24/7

Another obvious advantage of is that they don’t need to rest, take lunch, sleep and/or get tired. They work 24/7 without pause and they’re always quick and swift any time of the day. They can process multiple requests simultaneously without delay. They’re always available.

Because of this, customers won’t have to stay on the line listening to hold music and/or queue up for their turn. In addition, you won’t have to pay extra money for night shift allowances and overtime.


It cuts significant costs for the business. They reduce the required number of human resources to handle customer service. While they don’t entirely replace human-participated customer service, they are effective for maintaining the level of customer service on a website.

More importantly, chatbots are easy to develop and they don’t require any time-consuming and strenuous updates that most apps do, and doesn’t allocate for monthly salaries, allowances, and other workforce costs.


Using chatbots are tricky. For one, it’s not a one-size-fits-all replacement for human-participated customer service. These are the disadvantages of using chatbots:

Not designed for all types of businesses

While chatbots are great, fast and precise, they’re not really designed for all types of business. They are great for businesses that provide straightforward services, such as:

  • Taxi service
  • Travel company
  • Retail
  • Shoe stores
  • Pizza company

Customers from these types of business have predictable and stereotyped requests. Thus, it’s easier to design a bot that can deliver accurate responses.

On the other hand, there are businesses that require complex exchanges as well as comprehensive consultations. They immediately fail at these areas because they’re only programmed to answer to templated questions. They can’t improvise and/or follow through any clarification and negotiation. This is where human-to-human interaction is much more needed.

Make mistakes

Although chatbots are accurate, they sometimes get confused by a customer’s request. Especially if it is out of the bot’s programming boundaries. In this case, they are more likely to lose track of the conversation and then go off topic.

The complex and compounding the requests are, the more confused the chatbots become. They don’t understand sarcasm and other ambivalent human expressions. As a result, they provide incorrect answers and irrelevant responses.

Limited audience

One of the most effective consideration when using chatbots on your website is knowing your audience. Users between the age of 13 to 19 years old work very well with them. Also, 81% of users are from the US. The rest of the world prefers human interaction and shies away from automated bots on websites.

That said, it’s important to understand the audience you’re targeting before you employ chatbots as a major part of your customer service and marketing strategies. An adequate analysis will help you determine whether your audience will respond to using chatbots or not.


The use of chatbot is an amazing way to deliver fast and accurate service for certain types of websites. Applying it on a law firm website requires adequate planning and analysis. Expert insights, such as those offered in serpco provide a glimpse of how AI can be effectively integrated. They bring in a lot of potential to a law firm website’s service and marketing strategy.

Devin Schumacher is a digital marketing consultant, and search engine optimization (SEO) expert. His article contributions to One 400 has helped him become an internet entrepreneur responsible for investing in, and co-founding, various mobile apps, online marketing & e-commerce companies and a venture capital fund that focused on early stage investments in digital ventures. Devin specializes in helping businesses grow by constructing, implementing and overseeing tailor-made online marketing strategies.


Thank you for this article.

I have made the experience that it is not only clients and businesses in the US that take advantage of Chatbots. Especially FB bots are very common over here in the UK.

Do you have some further information where you got the insight of this statement?
If we talk about the customers, they prefer interacting with chatbots as they find them more responsive and accurate. Above all, they never lose patience.

This virtual assistance can offer your customers an outstanding customer service, that to 24 hours a day. This also means, considering chatbot for your business can help you focus on other important things and not spending time on Facebook answering messages or even spending valuable time creating email campaigns as you can notify your followers with a Chatbot of upcoming news and offers.