RESEARCH: Everything you were afraid to ask about mobile optimisation



By 2012, mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total ecommerce sales, yet mobile conversion rates remain at 2%.

Contentsquare has released a new report looking at mobile optimisation, which has revealed that:

  • Smartphone penetration is over 70% in Europe, but over 80% in the US

  • In the last 10 years alone, mobile penetration has more than doubled worldwide

  • However, mobile conversion rates remain at just 2%

While marketers love to talk about the challenges that mobile presents, few provide practical, actionable advice, based on real data, that marketers and digital teams can use to improve their mobile user experience. So, Contentsquare’s report, gives actionable insight into how users behave on mobile and practical advice on how to create a bigger impact on business with detailed tips for mobile optimisation.