Role of Design and Printing Technology For Chinese Food Packaging


Easily foldable boxes are used for Chinese food. Chinese food packaging is very convenient in buying or selling purposes. The locking folds are very easy to make and hold for a long time.

Custom designs but the standard color scheme

All Chinese food takeout boxes are seen to have the white and red color combination. Logos and labels vary according to the food outlets, but the colors are almost the same. Few very daring restaurants try to change the color scheme as well, but the most popular established colors in the minds of food lovers are white and red. The small businesses often do not go for customization; they pick a bulk amount of ready-made standard Chinese food packages and use them for their food supply. The metallic handles are also optional if you want to decrease the cost of packaging goes for paper handles.

Why are Chinese food boxes always white?

White is the color dominant in a Chinese flag and to make your food look authentic Chinese, the white color must be there whichever kind of combination is being used for the business. Let the customer feel a connection between the Chinese culture and the food you are selling.

Leakage-proof boxes

Chinese takeaway boxes are unique in this way as well that they have a leakage-proof lining which prevents any spills of the liquid food delicacies such as soups or different kinds of gravies. To make a water-resistant box with so many delicate folds is not an easy matter but the packaging manufacturers, especially for these boxes, are quite professional.

Fortune cookies are a vital part of these boxes

We always look for a fortune cookie in Chinese food boxes. It is a necessary component of this type of packaging. An interesting statement inside the cookie can change your mood for the whole day. It may enlighten you for the day’s activities in some way. When a person is presented with a Chinese food box, the automatic thought which generates is the curiosity about fortune cookie slip.

Strong enough to hold large portions of food

The material of the box and the handles are made to carry a significant amount of food, and a full meal for 3-4 people can be delivered in a single box. The boxes can be manufactured from white cardboard, Kraft paper, colorful check printed sheets, plastic, or even metal in some cases. Surprisingly, the thin metallic handles may look decorative, but they are instilled in the box so that people can carry the food box without any trouble and reach home safe and sound with the mouthwatering food fresh as ever. The easy way to get these boxes is to get them from Chinese food boxes, wholesale providers.

Sections inside the boxes for a variety of eatables

Chinese takeout boxes can also have multi-sections inside if requested by the food franchise; these divisions help the restaurants to present the food with style and even are convenient for the person eating food. It is a perfect dinner dish if you do not want to dish out everything separately.