Rules Employees Should Follow to Care for the Company Car


So, you have been an extremely caring boss, and your employees love you for being what you are and what you have done for them. You have given the employees flexible work timings, enough salary, tons of leaves, and to top everything off, a car that the employees can drive home in. Everyone loves to drive a car to their office, and when the employees are getting to do that without having to pay for anything, it is a massive bonus for them. However, you may notice that the cars are not taken care of properly. There may be occasional beer bottles or smoke smell, and the employees don’t show any signs of caring for the car. It’s best to lay some ground rules to ensure that your company car looks and runs like new for an extended period.

Keeping the car clean is a must

Even if the employees are not able to get the car cleaned from a professional car service company, they should at least do the little things that keep the car clean. One strict rule you can enforce is that the employees who do not maintain the vehicle and keep it dirty all the time should pay for the cleaning service. You can also start an incentive program where employees who will keep their cars clean will get a gift voucher after every month.

Similarly, if the car has had a dent for some reason or any other damage, it will be the duty of the employee to get it fixed. There are plenty of companies like 247Spares where high-quality car parts can be had at low prices. Employees can get the parts changed if they are responsible for the damage and shoulder all the associated costs.

Setting car policies

If you have had enough of the employees creating a ruckus with your company cars, you should immediately set some car policies that will restrict the number of damages inflicted on your fleet. Policies, like not using the car for personal use or maintaining the speed limit by installing a speedometer in the car, can be introduced to keep the cars safe. You can also inform that the car should not be used by anyone apart from the employee. This will eliminate the chances of the vehicle being used by their friends or relatives.

No smoking and drinking

Drinking and driving is a strict no-no. Even then, some employees take their chances without caring about the fact that it is an official car and not their personal vehicle. As you know, this can cause damage to your car while putting the very lives of your employees at risk. Yes, minor dents and scratches often go unnoticed and you can follow DIY instructions to repair the car on your own, but all this can be avoided easily. You should put an end to this practice of smoking or drinking in the car. If someone is breaking the rules, consider pulling the plug and finding a different employee who’ll take care of your vehicle.