SALT Expands U.S. Reach to 86%, Offers Blockchain-Backed Loans in Washington, D.C



December 05, 2018 – DENVER – SALT, a company that provides financial solutions for blockchain assets, today announces that it has begun offering Blockchain-Backed Loans™ in Washington, D.C., Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Montana, meaning the company can now lend in 86 percent of the United States.

As SALT continues to grow, it remains focused on continuing to expand its lendable jurisdictions not only within the United States, but throughout the entire world. "We recently announced a significant increase in our international jurisdictions and have continued to build upon that progress over the past couple of months,” said Bill Sinclair, CTO and Interim President and CEO of SALT. “With the addition of our nation’s capital and three other U.S. jurisdictions, we’re that much closer to achieving our goal of being able to provide loans to the entire country.” For more on SALT’s lendable jurisdictions, visit

About SALT

SALT offers a smarter way to leverage blockchain assets—ingeniously bridging cryptocurrency with traditional finance. Through its platform, SALT enables cryptocurrency holders to secure cash loans by collateralizing their blockchain assets. Simultaneously, its services provide opportunity for exposure to this evolving digital asset class. The company is committed to advancing a global blockchain-based ecosystem. Salt Lending Holdings, Inc. currently operates globally with a commitment to further expand its licensed lending jurisdictions. Founded in 2016, SALT is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.