Schneider Electric's 2019 Global Energy Outlook

Schneider Electric’s 2019 Global Energy Outlook explores the trends creating the most significant regional, national and international shifts in energy market dynamics.

Near the end of 2018, Schneider Electric reconvened more than a dozen experts from Schneider Electric offices around the globe representing Operations, Research, Analytics and Risk Management. As Schneider Electric has done for nearly a decade, the company began the conversation with a fundamental question: “What trends will have the greatest impact on energy supply strategy in 2019?”

Schneider Electric’s experts discussed geopolitical tendencies, consumer behavior, policy evolution, technological innovation, and a variety of economic factors that influenced the energy landscape in 2018.

After another spirited discussion, the Schneider Electric team agreed on six primary domains where 2019’s supply trends are most likely originate:

  1. Global Policies and Politics

  2. Renewed Commodity Volatility

  3. Increasing Non-Commodity Charges

  4. Emerging Geographic Opportunities

  5. The Escalation in Extreme Weather

  6. Diversification of Energy Supplier Offerings Our 2019 Global Energy Outlook will monitor developments in these topics throughout the year. The report document primarily focuses on the first four, but you can download the report and follow Schneider Electric’s extended coverage of all six topics at