SEO 2019: Innovative Trends That Can Boost Conversion Rates


Conversion rates are some of the most crucial figures in every business. It is a term in marketing that is used to determine the percentage of visitors who do the desired action of a company. The action can come in various forms such as the purchase of products, registering for membership, subscribing to newsletters, or downloading the software.

Conversion rates talk about any activity done by your customers that is more than merely browsing your website. Having a high conversion rate means that your target market is engaging with you. There are plenty of calculators and market testing tools available online. You can also speak to SEO consultants like the experts from Agency 101 who can help you increase traffic in your website and convert them to buying customers.

Nonetheless, you should also keep up with these innovative trends in marketing to facilitate in the boost of your conversion rates:

1. Really Get to Know Your Customers

It’s not a new concept to know the demographics of your potential customers. However, for SEO 2019, knowing basic information like their age and location will no longer be enough. You have to be fixated at knowing their social media habits and purchasing preferences to attract and convert them.

Depending on your campaign, here are essential events you should track:

  • Downloads – Software or PDF downloads can determine whether your customers find value in your products or services.
  • Ad Clicks – Tracking the number of clicks on your ads can let you know if the products and services you promote are useful in converting your customers.
  • Video Engagements – This includes data on the times when they clicked on Start, Pause, and Stop. It will give you an idea of the content that your target market enjoys.
  • Chat Engagements – If you’re using chatbots, you can identify if your template is working to support your customers or driving them away in confusion and frustration.
  • Page Visit Length – With this data, you’ll recognize the relevance of your content with the keywords that your visitors used during their search.
  • Scroll Reach – It is crucial especially for bloggers in knowing the cause of high bounce rates. Bounces happen when your viewer immediately closes the tab or clicks the back button on the browser without spending at least 15 to 30 seconds on the page.
  • Add to Cart Rate – This percentage shows how many customers were actually near the end of the purchase process before they decided not to pursue it.
  • Form Completion – If you’re vying for newsletter subscriptions or membership registrations, this data will let you know if your forms are easy to fill up or perplexing and stressing your customers out.

Optimize your tracking to have a successful SEO 2019 marketing campaign. Know which content works and which ones don’t. You can even survey your visitors so that you get direct feedback on what they like and dislike about your website. Also, customize your landing pages so that you catch their interest the second they click on your link.

2. Focus Your Efforts on Video Content

Videos are the favored medium of today’s generation of consumers. A Cisco study reported that 82% of consumer Internet traffic would be on videos by 2021. Several consumers have also admitted to being influenced into buying a product through a video they saw on their social media feed. Moreover, including a video on your landing page can boost conversions by as much as 80%.

Marketing teams are slowly getting over the misconception that video production is costly with a low return on investment (ROI). If you are just starting as a business, check out these inexpensive video production tips that can help you:

  • Rent equipment – It’s a waste of money to buy video cameras and lights that you will only use once. There are plenty of studios that rent equipment at reasonable prices.
  • Come up with the concept – Hiring a third-party firm to develop your video content can be pricey. Brainstorm with your current employees and gather their ideas for your storyline.
  • Hire students and amateur actors – While you may be tempted to let your employees act out the story, it’s better to hire amateur actors and theater arts students for the job. They will know how to convey the emotion you want at a low cost. Some will even do it for free because they can use it to build their resumes.


Now more than ever, customers need to know that they can trust you and your business. One way to do that is to customize your content to what your clients enjoy. That way, they will see you as a brand that considers their preferences. Another way is to deliver that content in a medium that is convenient for them, which is video.

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