Software Demos Your Business Team Should Test Out

Software programs are at the basis of all our business technology. They’re what help us keep a real-time schedule, store customer data, and so much more. It’s not uncommon for businesses, both large and small, to use a number of different software programs in order to complete all the tasks the industry demands. Part of picking the right software program to do the job starts with having your team test it out. Here are some of the basic program demos that you should have your team trying out.

Click Up

When it comes to business software programs, the basis is project management software. This is where all the important tasks are kept for your business so that your team can work together to accomplish them. Click Up offers a free software demo that will allow you to discover how your whole organization can be connected with just one click. This project management software has many customizable features, which makes it great to fit your individual business needs. You can enjoy working with various task forms of calendar, boards, charts, boxes, and lists. With one major view, your team can see all of the projects that need to be completed and add notes to help one another accomplish each task.


Videos tend to be the best way to share information when actual hands-on learning isn’t available. Therefore, having an open source video recording software can be essential to recording tasks and sharing information among your employees. CamStudio is a great software that will allow you to record both video and audio of your computer screen. You can save these videos in many different formats like AVIs and SWFs. The best part is that this software is very user-friendly, so it won’t take too long for your employees to understand how to use it appropriately.


Accounting is one of those areas that must be kept up on within a business for it to remain operational in the long-term. Unfortunately, it’s also the most time-consuming task to do by hand. Luckily, the technology upgrades over the last couple of decades have produced some great free accounting software that your business team can use. Wave is one of the most popular bookkeeping software programs due to its user-friendly interface and easy integration applications. Wave will link up with your business bank accounts. You can download the receipts application so that your team can snap photos of receipts that get automatically uploaded into the software program. Wave essentially allows for real-time financial data at the click of a button for free.


We can’t talk about business software without bringing up a customer management system. This can also be called customer relationship management software by some providers. Its basic purpose is to store customer data so that your team can easily access it when the need arises. At a more complex level, this type of software can handle automatic emails, billing, quotes, order tracking, and so much more. With this type of customer management software, you can simplify the great amount of data that you take in on a regular basis from various customers.


All of your staff members are going to need some basic computer programs to complete their jobs. Things, like creating a word document, putting together a digital presentation, and creating a spreadsheet, are all basic functions that your employees will need to do at some point or another. If you don’t want to pay to supply all of your employees with a paid software platform, you can easily use OpenOffice. This platform is fairly simple to use and compatible with other programs. Plus, it’s got a built-in help center so your staff can get answers to questions like, what is a CSV file.

Part of growing as a business requires that your team tests out new software programs to see what can and can’t improve your business operations. The above are just some of the most basic free software programs that are available for your business. If you’re lacking any of these types of programs, we highly suggest that you look into trying them.